Tips on how to be a nice bloger and how to make you’re blog suceed

Hi  it’s  Webkinzcollecter and  my webkinz helper for today  Lilly my lil’kinz frog.  We want to give you advice on how to  make you’re blog  suceed so here is the advice:

1. befor you are going to make a blog  write down and think of  the funnest activities you can think of and stuff that  people will want to see on blogs like contests avdvice and more but it should be good

2. Always check you’re spelling and capitalize you’re word when they need to be.  I have had trouble with  this sometimes

3. befor you get people on you’re blog make it fun  and put stuff on  THEN  get people to come on

4.  when you have a contest do not post two or tree at a time wait until one contest is over then have the other one

5. if someone says something mean unkind or anything like that to you on you’re blog and other peoples blog try to be nice to them back and camly  tell them how you feel even though it is hard   also if you do it then people will look up toyou and like you and even if they di not you should still do it

6. always be truthful and honest and do not scam people and be careful about who you trade with because some people  scam

7.  Do not write drama or gossipe posts like some people do for exzample  stuff like ” I am quiting wordpress because of all of you”  or something like  ”  this persone  better be quite she is so mean ban her”    if you do that then  people will not like you’re blog as much and  it will ruin the fun and it makes you’re blog look trashy

8.  Try to help others when they need help with  blogging

9.  be you’re self  and post  the funnest most intresting stuff you can think of

now I am going to give advice for when you are commenting on other peoples blogs:

1. Be nice to everyone and  try not to gossipe

2. If the persone who owns the blog is mean or has been more than once you should leave because they re likely to do it again and you will possibly get in a fight and  have all this drama

3.  Do not cuss or say rude stuff and if you hurt someones feelings then  say sorry even if you didn’t really do anything

4. it is nice to sometimes give people compliments

5. If someone says something mean about a friend  of you’rs  on that blog then  deffend them but do not get too angry


I  made some of these tips up but some of them I got from  Zoey.  She is the one who helped me get a blog and if it were not for her  I would not have a blog right now.  She is very nice and is a great blogger and knows alot of stuff about the computer and so does her bff named  Penny. So thankyou  Zoey you rock!  And if any of you need help with anything then I will help you so please ask me.  And if me and my webkinz are not around then  some really good people to ask for adivice are:  1kbuckeye and her name is also Haley, Zoey, Penny2263,  and Kressie.  Well good luck blogging!


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4 Responses to “Tips on how to be a nice bloger and how to make you’re blog suceed”

  1. webkinzlover505

    Wow, Great tips!

  2. webkinzcollecter

    Thank’s! Are you still on?

  3. Bella


    I wish I had time for a blog! 😥

  4. Haleylauren

    Who’s Haley?
    Probably not me? Right?
    Is there another haley?

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