Sally’s trading room!

My webkinz poodle sally is opening up a trading room. Everyone can trade here. But here are the rules she wants


1: No cussing or saying mean things to people

2: No lying or tricking people when you trade with them

3: NEVER give your password to anyone!

4: No trading codes

5:When you make a promise keep it


6:No giving out personal info like your  phone number adress or any of that

7: Do not pretend to be people who you are not

8: When someone tell’s you that it is not a fair trade listen to them unless you know for sure that it is fair


9: And most of all: HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

If anyone breaks these rules email me at and  they will be banned from this site. Also I will post there name on the top and tell everyone not to trade with them. And I really don’t want to do that so please don’t break them!

Rood people list:

This persone has said mean comments or is not a good trader: Abigail, Puppyluv6737, Brianna,


Here is what I want:

Big top cirus bed

Daredevil bed

Bed of roses

Super stunt unicycle  POTM eitem

Lurking lagoon POTM eitem

Donut plant seeds  POTM

Newton’s giant cradle  POTM

Kinz style shope clothes

anything POTM

and more

Just post here and I will tell you what I have




Leave a response and help improve reader response. All your responses matter, so say whatever you want. But please refrain from spamming and shameless plugs, as well as excessive use of vulgar language.

85 Responses to “Sally’s trading room!”

  1. nikimapita

    What do you want from the kinzstyle shop? And sorry, we just traded our spare Bed of Roses today…

  2. Rebecca or WLover12

    I have the POTM cradle

  3. webkinzcollecter

    Here is what I have to trade:

    Royal estate bed, part of the mideval theme
    4 wheel ATV

    Hockey bed

    POTM ribbon

    Googles ice sculpture

    Circle of friends topiary

    Toy purse

    Trading card 2 side table

    And When I get other stuff I’ll post it. I would like to trade the giant cradle and what kinz style clothes do you have?

  4. lakota

    How many webkinz do you have? I have 64.

  5. BiLlY bOb JoE

    MEGA cool i like to eat head cheese. did you know that?

  6. lakota

    Why would you trade codes??? that is just….. well i would never do it.

  7. webkinzcollecter

    Well I sugjest not to trade codes but if you know the persone then maybye.


  8. webkinzcollecter

    I changed the rules at the top. And I have 10 webkinz right now. Thats awesome that you have 64! Does anyone want to trade with me?

  9. webkinzcollecter

    Anyone here?

  10. nikimapita

    We can get whatever Kinzstyle clothes you want, we have an unopened bag still, that’s why we asked 🙂

  11. zac1526

    Hey everyone I really want to trade for my twister in a pot!

  12. puppyz1859

    Hey you want my daredevil bed?

  13. webkinzcollecter

    Yes I would like your Daredevil bed.

  14. webkinzcollecter

    Nikimap, How many people did you bring on here?

  15. zac1526

    Ooh who has the daredevil bed?

  16. sunshinebear23

    HI webkinzcollector! I know someone who has the unicycle but I can’t remember who!!!!!!!

  17. webkinzcollecter

    Noone yet but you guys have to tell me aczacly how many people you got on here or I won’t know who should win.


  18. megan101

    I will trade something for a

  19. megan101

    Oops I didn’t mean to say that.

  20. megan101

    I mean I will trade my Undersea portle thing for something.

  21. webkinzcollecter

    What do you want? I might take the undersea portle I’ll think about it.

  22. Madison61896

    Hey Webkinzcollecter do you have any superbeds you’d be willing to trade? Cuz I’d maybe give you my POTM Dex Dangerous Telescope for one.

  23. prodancer

    Hey I wrote a page on your dancing topic.

  24. webkinzcollecter

    No thank’s Madison. I like all my beds. Have anything els?

  25. webkinzcollecter

    Cool were do I go to see what you wrote about my blog? Is it on another blog? I would love to see it.


  26. Happy Bunny

    Does anyone have:
    Any potm items
    antique lamp post

    I have:

    stop light
    experiment stations 1 and 2
    2 unopened valentine boxes and 2 unopened easter gift boxes
    prismatic chair
    panda psi
    gold safes
    bows and ribbons trees
    super secure trap toy box
    propeller plane
    magic carpet
    knight of the round table
    crown of wonders

  27. melon52

    I love webkinz so much that I have 24, I hope to get more soon

  28. webkinzcollecter

    Happy bunny, I want to trade.

  29. Happy Bunny

    what do you have that I want?

  30. Happy Bunny


    I want:
    Balloon Machine
    Dex’s Lugbot Lookout
    magic 9 ball
    newton’s giant cradle

    I have:
    stop light
    experiment stations 1 and 2
    unopened easter gift box
    prismatic chair
    panda psi
    gold safe
    bows and ribbons tree
    propeller plane
    magic carpet
    knight of the round table
    crown of wonders
    Legionannarie Suit of armor (ancient civalization theme)
    rainy day window
    golf cart
    other psi’s just ask and I will see if I have it

  31. webkinzcollecter

    Hi I want the crown of wounders. I do have the newtons giant cradle but it is not up for trade but I have alot of other stuff.

  32. Happy Bunny

    Um. That is the only item I want.

  33. Happy Bunny

    I will give you:
    bows and ribbons tree
    yorkie psi
    stop light
    for your newton’s giant cradle

  34. webkinzcollecter

    Sorry but my Newton’s giant cradle is not up for trade. I don’t trade POTM eitems unless you have a POTM eitem.

  35. Happy Bunny

    How about if I give you the crown of wonder too?

  36. webkinzcollecter

    I already have the ribbons tree.

  37. puppyz1859

    ok, about my bed… When do u want it?

  38. webkinzcollecter

    Why is my picture diffrent!

  39. webkinzcollecter

    Are you on Puppyz1859?

  40. webkinzcollecter

    O ya my picture is normal now!

  41. Happy Bunny

    gorilla psi (retired)
    golf cart
    stop light
    for your newton’s giant cradle

  42. webkinzcollecter

    No, like I said I’m not giving it up for trade sorry. By the way Happybunny you would like my contest page please visit it.


  43. webkinzcollecter

    Puppyz, I still want your bed.

  44. Happy Bunny

    How about I give you the dex telescope which is a potm item.

  45. webkinzcollecter

    Hum I’ll think about it HappyBunny.


  46. Madison61896

    Hey I already offered the Dex Telescope awhile ago! Webkinzcollecter you never answered though. What would you trade for that?/

  47. Madison61896

    Oh never mind I saw your answer from before. But what else would you trade for it?

  48. Madison61896

    And like Happy bunny said, it’s a POTM item.

  49. webkinzcollecter

    Let me see what I have Madison. Happybunny I decided I want to trade with Madison instead.

  50. webkinzcollecter

    Madison and Puppyz are you on?

  51. Happy Bunny

    does anyone have:
    balloon machine
    newton’s giant cradle
    all chipmunk clothes

  52. Billy

    Does anybody want a Bounce and Burst trophy? I have 13 😀 anybody want to trade?

  53. webkinzcollecter

    I don’t. Do you have any exclusive beds Billy?

  54. Happy Bunny

    what do you want for newton’s giant cradle
    I will give you:
    the dex telescope (POTM item)

  55. Billy

    my webkinz trading list
    13 bounce and burst trophies
    Hockey Lamp
    Hockey Couch
    Hockey Table
    Loader lounger
    (i have a lot more this are just the ones i can think of)

  56. Lexi

    i want alot of things and i have alot of things to!! i have some webkinz copons!! 🙂

  57. Happy Bunny

    what do you want for newton’s giant cradle
    I will give you:
    dex telescope (POTM item) or flying saucer (POTM item)

  58. webkinzcollecter

    Hey does anyone have the daredevil bed?

  59. Billy

    everyone go here!! http:

  60. webkinzcollecter

    I got the dare devil bed in w w!

  61. webkinzcollecter

    Puppyz gave it to me just to be nice!

  62. nikimapita

    hey back, I dunno how many people we got to come to your site, it’s really hard to keep track… but yeah, to a question way back when, a lot of times people will trade for feature codes and other such things that don’t affect people’s ability to hack accounts. We trade kinzstyle codes all the time on our blog 🙂

  63. webkinzcollecter

    Hi do you like my new icon?

  64. emily

    i have a POTM lurking logoon!!! i want a balloon basket that can ride in!!

  65. webkinzcollecter

    O hi Emily that is great! I really want the lurking lagoon. Can we trade? I have the hot air ballon and if you want it I will send it to you if you give me the lurking lagoon. Would you like to trade? My user name is sneakypoo what is yours?

  66. kittycream

    hi 🙂 i like your website !! 🙂 mine is 🙂

  67. webkinzcollecter


  68. Billy

    everyone pleaz go here! or click my mine!

  69. wowewe

    I have the hockey coffee table, lamp, walls and floors, the gaming floors, true fan soccer wallpaper, bee shoes and antenaes, and giftbox shoes! Anyone want to trade for these?

  70. R.L. Stines #1 Fan

    I have the daredevil bed(not for tade, tho) and the super stunt unicycle(fortrade) I WANT:

    Outhouse(REALLY BADLY, will give Dex Dangerous Space Fighter (which I am attached to) to you for me to have it!)
    Totem pole
    Duck PSI
    Penguin PSI

  71. ILoveHorses!

    Hi! I really want the donut plant seeds 2! I have a rare ruffle t-shirt.
    A rare desert picture.
    Lots of festival foods. (Winter Festival)
    Clothes that I can buy or have.
    Wacky Bingoz Coupons
    More, but I 4-got.
    So those r the things I have. I wil check my account and c which items I can trade u with. But I will give u a combo 4 the Donut seeds. Really want them!@ So plz ponder over my items and trade with me 4 the Dunut Plant Seeds! Thxs sooo much!!! 🙂 :mrgreen:

  72. webkinzcollecter

    Hey IloveHorses it’s nice that you come here so often. Me too the doughnut seed plant is awesome. Yester day I went to the trading room in webkinz world and I got a skunk fridge and a super bed

  73. webkinzcollecter

    If you are looking for the doughnut seed plants sorry I do not have them.:(

  74. ILoveHorses!

    Thats really great that u got those prizes!What did u trade? I will gladly trade u 4 one or more of those things 4 a super exclusive or a good webkinz item like a super bed or rare item. I need a rare, exclusive, or a super bed 4 contests at the blog I work on. Plz let me know if u can trade with me as soon as possible. Thxs!

  75. webkinzcollecter

    Hi Ilovehorses I am looking for super beds do you have the

    1. big top circus bed
    2. bed of roses
    3. monster under the bed
    4.fantasy coach bed
    5.movies bed
    6. or the daredevil bed

  76. webkinzrawesome456

    I have a ying yang blossom exclusive to trade! 😉

  77. ILoveHorses!

    I have a super bed. But it’s Starbyrst Clouds Bed.

  78. ILoveHorses!

    I meant Starburst.

  79. ILoveHorses!

    And I also have the rare country bed!

  80. 17Starlite

    anything POTM for a pink pony psi does any1 hav it

  81. twilightlover

    I have a pink pony PSI, what POTM items do you have?

  82. crazywebkinzchic

    hey there WC, i love your blog!!!!! thanks for commenting on mine GOD is awesome isnt he!!!! i praise God that he sent Jesus so we can go to Heaven!!!!

  83. crazywebkinzchic

    oh, btw is this trading page up to date???

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