Webkinzcollecter news/ Alvin’s tooth/ Wc E-store

Posted On November 16, 2008

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black_cat1black_and_white_cheeky_dog1chipmunk11Hello bloggers welcome back to Webkinzcollecter world. I am really sorry for not having the Wc e-store up please forgive me. It should be up tomorrow and there will be wonderful webkinz treasures you can buy from there. Thank you everyone for being so kind and patient while I have held you up because of my busy life outside of blogging.  Well on with webkinzcollecter news. Soon in Webkinzcollecter world someone very special is going to visit and you can chat with him all day and he or should I say they will be giving out wonderful prizes. What I mean is my three of my webkinz Alvin, Jasone, and Cheekingtonz created a webkinz band and they are going to come visit my blog live soon and sing for all of you and after hand out huge prizes and talk with you guys. There band is called “Cheeky days”  My black and white cheeky dog Cheekingtonz is the head leader of the band and they are really good singers.  Now about Alvin my webkinz chipmunk went to Dr. Quack  today and Dr. Quack explained to me that his right tooth is so big that it is taking up alot of space in his mouth so they are going to pull one of his big front teeth out tomorrow at 9:00 A.M kinz time. He is scared and I know he will look a little odd with one front tooth but I still love him and he is just as awesome 🙂 The moral of this made up story is don’t love someone only for there outside looks.  One more thing. I am having a new better contest then the last one and this is how it goes. Starting tomorrow and ending December 2nd I will send the first person to comment the fluffed sunglapuffine recipe and when they get it in the kinz mail they have to send it to the another person in the contest then the next person sends it on. You have to send the recipe in order. That means the send it to the second person after you’re comment. You have to keep on sending it in the kinz mail again and again and whoever has it last wines a mammoth sized prize but I will not announce the prize until I say the winner. My user name is gsc0976, please put you’re user name below if you wish to enter. Please add everyone that enters the contests user name or you will not be able to do the contest. There can only be 10 people in the contest so please hurry and enter this fun contest. The only rules are

1. do not eat the recipe

2. be honest

3. go in order

4. and most important HAVE FUN!



Wc e-store is open!/ ballet

Posted On November 9, 2008

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41z3bfc0m6l_ss500_1Howdy bloggers today Alvin’s Wc e-store is here. This is the last page I will ever make in Webkinzcollecter world. Alvin’s Wc e-store has a lot of cool rares and more and they are all free. Also I have very good news. The ballet “Claire’s Christmas” the christian version of the Nutcracker I am going to be in is coming soon. The rehearsals are going very good. In December we will perform it three times. I may be able to a video of me backstage and post it on you-tube. I am so excited! I am still busy with ballet and I still love it. PS this week my mom and two brothers are going to Florida were my Grandma and aunt and cousin lives and I am staying here because of ballet. The reason they are going is because my grandma is having a very hard time breathing and she may die in a few months 😥 I am so worried I can not loose her we are very close to her. Please pray that she gets better and she is not in much pain.

New webkinz/super wheel/ I got a super bed/ WC estore tomorrow!

Posted On November 9, 2008

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chipmunk1chipmunk41I got a new webkinz today. I got the chipmunk webkinz and I named him Alvin. He is so cute. I found out he is a good dancer too 🙂  well I welcome him to my family so please clap for him he is very excited to be living with me and having a ton of siblings. Also did you guys do the super wheel? I did and I loved it. I also did the wheel of wishes. Just for you’re information the  WC e-store will be held by Alvin to honor him. And the great news is that my Wc e-store will be open tomorrow!  I know you guys have been waiting for so long and now it is finally going to be here. Last night when I was trading in webkinz world I got the bed of roses. PS. I will try to hoast a welcome festival on my sneakypoo account for alvin were everything will be chipmunk. I am thinking about maybe having a movie night with you bloggers and after the party in webkinz world maybe we can go on you-tube and watch the Alvin and the chipmunk movie.


Wc news/ Super wheel in webkinz world

Posted On November 7, 2008

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Hello bloggers I apologize that I have not posted and that I did not send you and items on Halloween night. I feel so bad for disappointing everyone 😦  I have been grounded still. I will tell you that the WC e-store is almost ready. and once again I need donations so I can have the Wc e-store so please donate. My user name is gsc0976 I am mainly needing super beds, exclusives, psi’s, potmitems, rare room themes, and e-store stuff. My lil’kinz hippo Plumpy has  set up a neat contest. This contest is if you get to comment 300 you win 15 secret recipes.  I found out that the super wheel is coming up in webkinz world this Saturday the 8th be sure to not miss it. super-wheel

Webkinz world Christmas/ my dance

Posted On October 23, 2008

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I discovered these items they will put out on webkinz world for this Christmas! And this is a webkinz snow man he is soooo cute I am getting him. Also the Wc news is that I have been going to the e-store and I am ordering a ton of new webkinz and items and when I reschedulethe party just maybe I will send everyone a item so be sure to come when the clock ticks. But o boy can I not wait until this wardrobe come out 🙂

Halloween/ sorry

Posted On October 22, 2008

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Hello bloggers It’s me Webkinzcollecter welcome back to Wc world. I am very sorry I did not have my party and have not posted for a while. I have been grounded so I am sorry for disappointing everyone. I will pick another time for the party. Thankyou for being so patient Bella about you’re prize you won and once again I will give it to you when I can. Also Halloween is here in Webkinz world they changed the theme. What are you guys going to be for Halloween? Well I am sure it will be awesome. The sad news is that my mom said I can not trick or treat this year for my punishment 😥 I am very sad but Jasone will still fly around in Webkinz worls giving you those sweet treats. About the Wc e-store I am going to open up I am needing more exclusive and rare items that are not from the w-shop so is it ok if you guys can please donate stuff like super beds, potm items, exclusives, rare room themes, and more to me. This is not because I want them I need them so I can have the e-store. Thankyou everyone for being so nice. My user name is gsc0976

Winner of the contest/

Posted On October 16, 2008

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Hi everyone I am sorry for not posting. Well today I sent the recipes out for that contest and I sent one of the people who entered the contest the fluffed snuglapuffine  and that person was… BELLA congratulations! You won the webkinzwolf code and the mini-yeti forest. I have to say that I will give you you’re prizes but it may take a while for me to send them to you.  Now time to talk about the new great contest. This contest is a comment contest  comment 200 wines a  new tons giant cradle and comment 500 wines the hole haunted room theme!  My user name is 11horses.  The rules are please be nice to everyone, no fighting or gossiping and most importantly have fun. If I see any ones comments that are bad I will delete you’re comment and you will not be allowed in the contest so please obey.apologize about that issue and I will send them to you as soon as possible. I WILL still be having more contests.

Webkinz Cheekingtonz brithday two years old/ WC e-store coming up in Wc world!

Posted On October 12, 2008

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Hello everyone today which is October 10th Cheekyingtonz my black and white cheeky dog turned two today.  If you want you can send him letters and stuff in the kinz mail.  Well happy Birthday Cheekyingtonz! Also this is very exciting news for Webkinzcollecter world. I am making a page and that page is going to be a Wc e-store were there are codes and items I have and if you want them all you have to do is tell me and post you’re user name and I will send it. This is going to be the last page I will ever make since I already have a lot.  The Wc e-store will have: webkinz codes, kinzstyle clothes,  Halloween theme even after Halloween,  Exclusive items, sometimes super beds, and more will come so please visit it and get something.  Also if you’re webkinz is hungry I opened up a restaurant in Wc world. The Wc e-store will be here soon at my blog so please be patient.

Wc new paper/ costumes and treats

Posted On October 8, 2008

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Hello this is Webkinzcollecters black cat Jason reporting Wc news paper. Well lately we have seen not many people visit and that makes us sad and disappointed so I would like to say that some times people come on just advertise there blog and that is the only reason they visit well now the new rule is please do not advertise if you are not coming on for any other reasoner. You can still advertise you’re blog but only on theadvertising page.  Also The next Saturday on October 18th I am having a dress up party in webkinz world at my house.  Here is the information about it

Type of party: It is a fun dress up party were anyone can come and you wear costumes chat, eat, play games, and more

What zone: We will be on the green zone the back up one will be yellow

My user name: I am 11horses 

Rooms we will be in: well  this time this party is a open house so you can go in these rooms anytime but please do not go in any other rooms that are not listed here also these rooms are not in order:  kitchen which is a restaurant and has yummy treats, Jasones haunted room, back yard, party room, play room, and haunted maze room

Date and time: October 18 Saturday  starts at 3:00 P.M and ends at 5:30 P.M Eastern time I live in Northern VA

What to bring: this is just for fun all you have to do is wear any costume you want

After everyone leaves Jasone will send everyone two spooktacular presents in the kinz mail so if you plan on coming tell me be for Friday 17th.  This is a Halloween party so most of the stuff will be spooky especially the Halloween maze.

Spooky recipie contest/ Halloween is here in WC world

Posted On October 4, 2008

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Booooooo to all of you. The fun Halloween month is finally here in Webkinzcollecter world and I have some  sweet news for you.  I am having one of my spooky contest so here is the info if you dare  to read it.  Please post you’re webkinz user name and  when you do my black cat Jasone will fly on his broom and drop cool recipes in the Kinz mail to everyone and you get three each. Now whoever gets the Fluffed snuglapuffin  wines two very spooktacular prizes which are  a grey wolf code and a mini-yeti  forest from the  webkinz e-store! Neat huh?  That is why it woud be wonderful if many people could enter this contest. Atleast four people have to enter for someone to win.  Also if the person that wines has a blog and they tell me I will post it every were so many people will visit.  Remember be prepared for Jasone flying on a broom in webkinz world you may see him if you stay up late at night.  Also my user name is 11horses so when you get the things in Kinzmail that is my user name.

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