My wounderful WordPress buds!

Hello Word press bloging has been a great experience for me. I joined ever since I was 11 and the first one I ever went on was and I love it.  On Word press I have so many wonderful friends. So I have decided to name all the Word press names I can think of that I am friends with


Lilly and godlover83, puppyz1859, God rocks, 1kbuckeye or Haley, Bella, Rose1128, Emma, Crystalsing, Yanksrul, Danceyoursoul, Dancerbaby4eva, Kelsey, Megan101, 17Starlite, Kittycream, RaeGirl4, Smiley97, ILOVETUTRLES, Black cat lover, Brianne, Clairloveswebkinz,

If you’re name is not on here and we are friends please do not worry. I just have so many great WordPress friends I can not remember every single name but that does not mean you are any less special to me.  If you want to become friends in webkinz world my user names are 11horses, sneakypoo, and gsc0976.  If you want you can tell me you’re user names too for wenkinz world.




Leave a response and help improve reader response. All your responses matter, so say whatever you want. But please refrain from spamming and shameless plugs, as well as excessive use of vulgar language.

9 Responses to “My wounderful WordPress buds!”

  1. webkinzcollecter

    Is anyone on?

  2. God rocks!

    yea im on thanx for the bff thing that really maid me comftorbale to be aroung your site like every sunday because i know im hanging out with a godly person!:) :mrgreen:

  3. webkinzcollecter

    O no problme!

  4. 1kbuckeye9

    Aw thx! I’ll put u on mine!

  5. wowewe

    Thanks for sharing your faith! I’m a Godly person too and I feel safer if I hang with Godly people.

  6. Bella

    oh ok 😥

  7. webkinzcollecter

    Hi Bella I see that you are sad. I wrote this page befor I knew you so that time I did not know you. I am sorry that you are not on. Since we are good friends I am sure you will be on there one day. Well I hope you are not too sad

  8. Bella


    THANKS!!! 😀 😀 😀

  9. webkinzcollecter


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