Clarices recipies!

 In a stove add spaghetti,strawberries, and watermelon

In a blender add first Blue berry’s, Lemonmeringue pie and Gingerale and you will get Magimmery Mist


For this one just add in a stove Honey, Orange, and a Pumkin and you will get  Galatic Gumball


In a stove add  Eggs, Milk, and a Pumkin and you will get Halloweenogg


In a stove add Chicken noodle soup, Rasberries, and Gingerale and you will get  Bubbaberriboo


In a stove add Cookies, Hot chocolate, and Chicken noodle soup and you will get Fluffed Snuglapuffin


In a stove add  Penuts, Sunflower seed’s, and Toffe and you will get   Squirrelly Brittle


 In a blender add  Cherries, Orange, and a peach and you will get Atomicolicious Punch


In a sandwich maker add   Bread, Blueberries, and Green grapes and you will get Turquoise sandwich


In a stove or a grill add Cola, Fish sticks and Frenchfries and you will get  Fish and Chips Dinner


In a stove add  Shrimp, Hotdog, And  white rice and you will get Webkinz  Jambalaya


In a blender add  Almonds, Blueberries, And orange juice and you will get  Almond Blutrice punch


In your’e oven add Fruit punch, penuts, and a pumkin


In a sandwich maker add  cheeses, pizza,and  a tamato


In a stove add eggs, pizza and pancakes

megachinewich1 Sandwitch maker: hot dog, tacco, and a burger

If you have any recipies you solved send them to and I’ll post them on here



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3 Responses to “Clarices recipies!”

  1. wowewe

    Hi! I want to tell you a recipe! It’s called Chortelortle! Mix pink lemonade, cola, and dragonfruit on your stove to get a bubbly surprise!

  2. webkinzcollecter

    Hello Wowewe thankyou so much for coming on here and telling me this wounderful recipie! I will be sure to add it.

  3. ILoveHorses!

    Coolio! 8) Well I was just wondering: Could u plz go 2 There is a great hitz contest going on and the prize is a mystery prize! Plz come!

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