Alvin’s WC E-store

chipmunk12Hey there giant fellows I am a chipmunk webkinz and my name is Alvin. My wonderful new owner Webkinzcollecter has given me her WC e-store so I am the one giving away these items. All of these dazzling items are either rares, psi’s, exclusives, and other rare stuff. Eventually I will have webkinz codes. My user name is sneakypoo please add me. You can order anything you want and they are all free. I will send them to you in kinz mail when you are sure what you want. The only rule is that  you can only buy two things every two weeks because I only have so much to give everyone but please do not worry I will have many more stuff soon.  I love having you fellows visit my shop so please stop by all the time. The things I list below are the items that are available.






1. Hockey bedgw61h614

2. Prismatic chair

3. Giant spider web

4.Medieval lion tapestrygw61h615

5. Magic carpet magic-carpet1

6. Pink convertibleitem_pink_poodle1


7. Chipmunk acorn barbecue item_chipmunk1















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17 Responses to “Alvin’s WC E-store”

  1. 17Starlite

    all i want is the pink pony psi i will add u 2morrow cause no i GTG
    mine got lost. it logged me off as i was placing it in my was gone when i came back

  2. Mostly Ghostly

    I would REALLY like the skunk and chipmunk PSI, I will add you. I am SURE that I want it.

  3. webkinzcollecter

    Hello 17starlite thankyou for visiting I love having costumers. Webkinzcollecter already added you so I will send you you’re thing today. Mostly ghostly can you please tell me you’re user name? Thank’s

  4. Mostly Ghostly

    My user is gorrila8, yes gorrila8 not gorilla8.

  5. 17Starlite

    thank you!

  6. webkinzcollecter

    You are welcome.

  7. roxy189

    Can i have the parismatic chair?

  8. webkinzcollecter

    Yes can you please tell me you’re user and I will add you 🙂

  9. 17Starlite

    Can I have the christmas tree hat?

  10. luckycharms555

    OOOH! Can I have the acorn barbeque?
    My WWID is frootloop555
    thanks SO much!
    WF101 (I’m on my sisters acc btw)

  11. Bella

    Hello WC! I would love the hockey bed, but I feel bad with you just giving it to me. How ’bout we make a trade? I’ll order the Hockey bed, and in return, I’ll give you Lilly’s KinzStyle ballet costume!! She’s a dancer just like us!! I know it would be special to you since you’re a dancer like Lilly and I. If you don’t like that- I have TONS of other rare’s exclusive’s, psi’s, and kinzstyles, so if you don’t like the ballet costume, it’s no problem! Just let me know and we’ll work something else out.

    OOPS, SORRY Alvin!! I was talking to WC and not you… SORRY!! Well, here’s Lilly, she’s been DYEING to talk to you!!

    Lilly: Hey Alvin what’s up? I’m Bella’s Floral Fox!! Wanna be friends? I hope so! Awesome e-Store, by the way!!

  12. webkinzcollecter

    Hi Bella thank’s so much for the costume. Well like I said you don’t need to give me anything for the bed because it is a free store but if you feel odd doing that then I will trade with you

  13. Bella

    Hey WC! I sent the ballerina costume to you! 🙂

  14. dancerbaby4eva

    WC, is there anything still avaliable????

  15. webkinzcollecter

    Hi Dancerbaby4eva yes there are items avainble. All the ones I put up there that DON’T have a line are ones that you can order

  16. Siiba

    Can I order a chipmunk acorn barbacue? Thanks SO much! What do I have to do to get them? My username is siiba

  17. crazywebkinzchic

    i guess this post is prett old, huh??? good luck either way. in Christ….CWC

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