All about dancing page

This page is were I will talk about my dancing. You can talk all you want about dancing here. Now here is the stuff about me:


Type of dance I do: Ballet


How many times a week I take it: only once but I wish I had it everyday for six hours or ten!


My level I’m in in ballet: This is my first year but I’m in level 2 becuas I got moved up


How many min my classes are: only 30 It stinks! But next year I’m going to a proffessional studio and I’ll dance alot longer


Will I dance in the summer: Deffidently and I’ll be dancing some were els then were I go now


What day of the week I have dance: every monday


How many years I have danced: This is my first year


More info on dancing: I love dancing when I am 16 I want to be a dancer and I hope to become famious just like my  fav dancer ANNA PAVLOVA! She is my fav  famious dancer. She was know to be the best dancer of her time. She was born in russia and danced at a famious ballet school there. She started ballet when She was 10.  Here are some pictures of her:


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182 Responses to “All about dancing page”

  1. megan101

    I was in ballet in kindergarden…and tap too.

  2. webkinzcollecter

    O cool. Why did you quit? I’m going to ballet very soon. This class will be a our but not at the same place I usually dance. I;m dacing here just this once becuas I might dance at this other place next year so they are going to se what level I should be in. Pleas wish me luck.

  3. webkinzcollecter

    Hey Megan101, Are you here? I got back from dance.

  4. Madison61896

    HEY I DANCE TOO! IT’S MY FAVORITE THING EVER!! Here’s my dance info…

    Type of dance I do: Kick, and I just started jazz and Hip-Hop.

    How many times a week I take it: Once a week.

    My level I’m in in dance: We don’t really have levels in the studio I’m in but this was my 4th year.

    How many min my classes are: An hour, but I do wish they were longer.

    Will I dance in the summer: FOR SURE!! I had my last day of dance today it was pretty sad :[. But I’m definitely taking summer dance camps.

    What day of the week I have dance: Every Tuesday for normal dance (kick), every Monday for jazz, and Hip Hop was every Wednesday.

    How many years I have danced: This was my 4th year.

    More info on dancing: I’ve been in dance since I was in 3rd grade and this is my 4th year. I’m in 6th grade now FYI. I just had my last day today… kinda ironic. I’m also kinda-sorta into cheerleading but I LOOOOVE dance! I have practice once a week for each lesson (like kick, jazz, hip hop, etc.) for an hour. We’ve been competing since 4th grade. In 4th grade we didn’t place, in 5th grade we placed 3rd, and this year we had 2 competitions and got 1st at both of them!! I LOVE DANCE!! :]!!

  5. Madison61896

    Also I want to be a pro dancer when I grow up and when I have to quit I want to teach dance!

  6. webkinzcollecter

    O that’s so cool! I got back from the school and my parents said that I will go to this ballet school next year. It’s alot better then the one I go to now. The teacher said that I was very good but she said that the teacher I have right now has done some stuff and I haven’t learned totally correctly so I’m kinda frustraited. But when I go to this one this summer and next year I’ll be having ballet class 2 or 3 times a week for a hour.

  7. Madison61896

    I see…

    Yup I’m DEFINITELY doing dance camps this summer too because I’m trying out for the school’s dance team next year. I tried out this year but didn’t make it because I forgot some of the dance but that was like the only reason. I’m probably sticking to the same dance studio cuz I’ve been there since 3rd grade but I’m kinda-sorta thinking about switching to one that I think will work you harder. Also the one I might switch to gets to compete in the High School competitions and stuff. So yeah… but I don’t really want to switch because I’m so used to the other one. That’s probably where I’ll be staying!!

  8. prodancer

    Hey I do tap and jazz. I am 9 im company and its my 6th year. I am on level 6. I dance fore 5 hours and I have dance everyday except sunday(church day). 2 classes a day. It’s so much fun. I am going to broadway in 1 month. I am excited. Follow your dreams!

  9. webkinzcollecter

    O awesome! There is a famious ballet school in russia called the kirov and thats were Anna Pavlova went. When I’m 15 I’m wanting to audition there. Beucas all there dancers have or most of them have became famious. I hope I get acepted. They work 6 hours everyday counting Sundays. And by the way madison that school I tried out I’m going there this summer and next year. I’m mad at my teacher right now becuas she never taught me the right posture.

  10. webkinzcollecter

    But even the teacher that saw me dance once that I’m going to next year said that I did great for first time and I was a great dancer not to brag.

  11. prodancer

    Well I don’t prefer dancing on Sundays because God is more important. And God said you are not suppose to work on Sundays so yeah.

  12. webkinzcollecter

    Ya god is more importand.

  13. prodancer

    So. I can’t believe Daphne and her friend lillypad. They are saying oh my g-o-d! and I said stop and that it is using Gods name in vane! Their being very rude to God and us.

  14. webkinzcollecter

    Ya they are not being nice but they won’t be coming on here so no need to worry. I will block there mean comments if they try to say mean stuff.

  15. prodancer

    You will never guesse what!!!! Ok I get to perform with like the most famous dancer!She does all dances her name is Angelina Leah she is so cool! And she was my fave dancer!!! I am so excited. But I don’t think were performing in a big place. But it is awsome!My dream came true. I have dance tonight at 5:30-8:00 and 8:15 to 9:45(I know weird time) and my company class has a strech class for about 45 minutes so I’ll be very very exhausted.

  16. prodancer

    But that is what I live to do! I am only 9 too. And actaully this is my 7th year of dance. I have danced since i was 2. I am very very very very very good at tap. That performance might lead to fame!Omg!)oh my goodness)ahhh!

  17. prodancer

    I audditiond (sorry I am not a spelling bee) there in NYC and two of the judges gave me a ten and the other one said 9.7(I was like o my gosh just say ten It’s the same) its because my leap was small but my legs were kinda droopy. There suppost to be like this – – they were kinda down.

  18. webkinzcollecter

    OMG is she actually famious?!

  19. prodancer

    Yeah!! I was like omg are you serious?? I stood there for like 3 minutes cuzz I was surprised I got the part over 21,000 people! Now I have practiced 24\7. Like 10 hours a day. It is awsome! She is my idol.

  20. webkinzcollecter

    But is she actually famious?

  21. prodancer


  22. prodancer

    Hey you on? Yeah I have finally got my 6 turn periwet down. Woo I have practiced for months.

  23. God rocks!

    I’m a pro soccer player I am 1 of the best soccer players in the united states though out 15 years of being a famous soccer player.Love (more than I love your site)god rocks!

  24. God rocks!

    Hey it’s me it is 7:30 a.m I have a national game 9:00.(More than cats hate dogs)god rocks!

  25. prodancer

    I doubt your the one of the best. Ton’s of people play soccer. And your just trying to be better than me. And this is about dancing not soccer. Sorry if it sounded mean.

  26. webkinzcollecter

    No she is not prodancer please don’t say that stuff because people will start fighting. Thank’s


  27. God rocks!

    Um Prodancer a national game is an a tournament g you don’t know anything soccer.But either are you a Prodancer your the same as everyone.

  28. webkinzcollecter

    Ya God rocks is actually right. Are you on pro dancer? I hope so please don’t leave here forever!

  29. God rocks!

    i wont because i love your site!

  30. webkinzcollecter


  31. God rocks!

    Oh hi.

  32. God rocks!

    Webkinzcollecter are you there?

  33. webkinzcollecter

    Yes I am now

  34. God rocks!

    Oh hey I really missed you!

  35. webkinzcollecter

    Ya, can you visit my huge contest page?

  36. webkinzcollecter

    Are you on?

  37. webkinzcollecter

    Can you tell everyone about the bed contest?

  38. God rocks!

    Go to Penny’s site and go to webkinz ideas.

  39. webkinzcollecter

    Ok I’ll be right back.

  40. God rocks!


  41. webkinzcollecter

    I’m right here

  42. webkinzcollecter

    Are you going to do the super bed contest?

  43. webkinzcollecter

    Do you have your own blog?

  44. God rocks!

    It’s called

  45. Madison61896

    Hey webkinzcollecter. I haven’t visited in awhile but how was your audition thing? Hope it went well!

  46. webkinzcollecter

    It wasn’t a audition . But it was great the teacher said. I’m going to be dancing there this summer and next year. This studio is a real one were there is a dress code and I’ll have classes 2 or three times a week for a hour each class.

  47. mileyworld101

    Webkinzcollecter I had a soccer game the tournament I got a new webkinz it is the lil’kinz Google

  48. God rocks!

    I mean I got the new webkinz lil’kinz Google today tooooooooooooooo!

  49. webkinzcollecter

    Awesome! Did you know there making a pink googles?

  50. webkinzcollecter

    Yup! I love pink!

  51. prodancer

    But guess what?The concert went so well!I get to do another concert in July. Yay!!!!!!! I’m so glad. The audience all threw up flowers and things. It was so awsome!

  52. webkinzcollecter

    O thant’s sooo awesome. My dance costume just came in and it is sooo pretty.

  53. prodancer

    My favorite company one is
    a short jean skirt with black stripes
    a tank top with a short sleeve jean jacket
    and a coolio hair ribbon
    its a jazz one. my lyrical one is cool too. lyrical is my favorite

  54. webkinzcollecter

    O cool prodancer I wish I could dance as much as you right now. But I will dance that much when I’m 15 or 16 because I will audition at a world famious ballet school in Russia and if I make it I’ll be dancing AT LEAST 6 hours of ballet a day!

  55. prodancer

    Yeah I’m going to Russia in a week for a competition. It’s a lyrical comp. Easy, peasy, lemon, squesy. I wouldn’t get your hopes up to going to a pro. Studio when it will be your 2nd year.I did that and I didn’t go til like my 5th year. Just a heads up. But can you post a video of you dancing??? I wanna see it

  56. God rocks!

    You are not going to Russia I go to the Carolinas for soccer I am a pro soccer player.

  57. webkinzcollecter

    Ya that would be a great idea I will try to post myself dancing! I actually might go see the famious Kirov ballet perform. They might be coming to America for one performance! If I go I can meet them and maybye I’ll audition to be in one of there performances if they will let me.

  58. webkinzcollecter

    Please keep are comments nice everyone.


  59. webkinzcollecter

    Both of you stop. Prodancer you were just as much a part of it so just get along and be friends ok? By the way I just got back from a sleepover!

  60. God rocks!

    im leaving forever!

  61. webkinzcollecter

    No don’t leave! Why are you leaving?

  62. God rocks!

    because of prodancer either she is banned or i leave!

  63. webkinzcollecter

    Look I will make sure she doesn’t say another word about this stuff. Prodancer stop saying stuff to godrocks. And when you see this comment no saying stuff like but she did this or anything to godrocks. And godrocks no talking to her or saying stuff or anything about her ok? If you guys break any of these rules I’ll delete all your comments.

  64. webkinzcollecter

    So Prodancer mayby you could sighn up for ballet. And godrocks mayby you could ask your mom to sighn you up for ballet it’s really fun!

  65. God rocks!

    seeya i will not be back for 2 years

  66. webkinzcollecter

    Why she didn’t even comment.

  67. webkinzcollecter

    And I will delete all her comments that are arguemenitive.

  68. prodancer

    gurga! she gets mad t easliy. no offense. i’ll stop even though i’m stinkin mad. but youre acting like its all my fault! like i did everything! gosh

  69. webkinzcollecter

    Sorry you feel that way prodancer. I do not think it’s alll your fault at all. You guys were just having a bad time but you both are nice friends!

  70. webkinzcollecter

    So do you want to do ballet prodancer?

  71. God rocks!

    so i really am leaving to go to the carolinas because i have a job for soccer there its a national lead for 9 threw 12 and some are kinda older so im leavving my last comment forever because i am going to be gone until march next year then i leave after that to go to london for vacations till the next year!Sincerly,God rcoks ps…webkinzcollecter you are a godd friend!Bye guys talk to you guys march 27 2010

  72. prodancer

    sheis just trying to get attention. but i dont like ballet. just my opion. lyrical rox

  73. God rocks!

    hey you are the one with the big bratty face!ha gtg plane ride at 8:30 to the carolinas!

  74. webkinzcollecter

    Goodbye Godrocks I’ll miss yu. Please email me at and don’t call her a brat face it is not nice. Uggg you guys just don’t get along. PLEASE STOP FIGHTING AND ARGUING! It bring a bad reputation to my blog.

  75. God rocks!

    guys i got to bring my lab top wiht me im on the airplane half way there with my team!

  76. prodancer

    oh wow. so back to our story balletdancer.

  77. prodancer

    i stopped now she’s being very rude. whatever some poeple can’t stop. so balletdancer

  78. webkinzcollecter

    O hi I just got back from chruch guys.

  79. God rocks!

    hi so did i! isaw all the new webkinz today at limited too 🙂 because we went to the mall after we got back from church and got changed

  80. prodancer

    hey balletdancer, lilly and godlvoer83 left cuz people were being rude and wouldnt stop. they were bragging and all the people who were mean so yeah.i just heard from my friend who goes to their school. now please dont talk about them anymore. youre like trying to track them down. lol soooooo

  81. prodancer

    any god rocks you just said you were flying to your soccer game?now youre saying you were at church. see proof

  82. God rocks!

    we leave at 5:00 yeah im leaving!

  83. webkinzcollecter

    Um no I’m not trying to track them down! And godrocks you rock. Prodancer did someone tell you that they didn’t want me saying that? FYI I just wanted to ask them to visit my blog.

  84. prodancer

    i’m leaving now. now your saying godrocks rocks and your getting mad at me. just fyi i wouldnt like for people to look for me like you are telling people to do to godlover and lilly.

  85. webkinzcollecter

    Prodancer I’m not mad at you. I’m sorry that I sounded mad. I understand now why you don’t want me to talk about them to you. So I will not bring up lilly and godlover83 ok? Now please don’t leave.I like you just as much as godrocks

  86. webkinzcollecter

    I can see why you thaugh I was mad at you. I guess I kinda was rood. Sorry!

  87. webkinzcollecter

    Hey prodancer, when are you going to Russia? When you do good luck!

  88. God rocks!

    hi webkinzcollecter im on my lab top before the soccer game please comment back i’ll be here in 5 minutes to see if you did im about to start a game in 15 minutes so please comment back if you dont i’ll comment next Friday!Ok?So i will try to get to as soon as possible so do good in ballet like you always do and have a great day!God rocks!

  89. prodancer

    oh i wont. i was just mad. i acted like i had anger issues. lol. i’m going to Russia tommorrow so i’m going to miss A LOT of school.which stinks cuz if i dont do good in school i can’t do dance. but right now i’m on my way to russia on the plane. it’s boring. since i live in Texas is really far away. the guy beside me is like sneezing up a storm its disgusting. lol. thye are all hispanic though. my parents couldnt come with me cuz it cost so much money. so yeah gtg. they said to turn off all your electronics so poop. lol bye!

  90. God rocks!

    hi guys i just won my soccer game 12 13

  91. prodancer

    you dont look like you like ballet. rather goth. lol just saying

  92. webkinzcollecter

    O I know you were not being mean. I wanted to try the punk style even though I have always been a girlygirl

  93. webkinzcollecter

    Not to brag, I know you saw the picture of me already and I”m skinny and have small shoulders and bones like I said on the top. When people see me they think I’m like 14 and smetimes 15 lol!

  94. God rocks!

    your lucky people say im like 14 or 15 becuase of my strength

  95. prodancer

    This comp. is so hard in Russia! Like it’s kinda like a camp. We have to get up at 4:30 am and do all dances from 4:30 am to 12:30. it is so hard. but not to brag but all my teachers say i’m the best. but i don’t think so. their is so many girls.the compotition is in 2 weeks so were practicing. then we compete against all the globe! it’s going to be hard

  96. webkinzcollecter

    Well hope you do well in Russia I’m sure you’ll do great! Cool Godrocks I’m very strong in my legs more then any were. God lover could you tell me what you look like?

  97. prodancer

    god lover has brown curly hair. loves limeted too.has brown eyes. and small lips. very skinny.

  98. webkinzcollecter

    Cool she sounds pretty. Everyones pretty though. Prodancer could you tell me what you look like?

  99. webkinzcollecter

    How do you know what she looks like Prodancer?

  100. God rocks!

    guys im finally back and going home to north carolina so im just saying by for good to today if you are here then u guys are good friends prodancer u too!:) i love you guys!god says to love everyone right prodancer and webkinzcollecter!bye

  101. webkinzcollecter

    Bye Godrocks! I’ll miss you a ton! You were a great friend and I hope and pray that you do well in soccer.

  102. prodancer

    becuz lilly told me awhile ago

  103. webkinzcollecter

    O. Can you tell Lilly I said hi?

  104. prodancer

    umm she left i can’t sorry. gtg i have to go to my class at 4:15

  105. webkinzcollecter

    I know she left on the computer I ment can you tell her that in the real world?

  106. webkinzcollecter

    Does lilly still play on actaul webkinz though? I don’t mean on webkinz blogs.

  107. God rocks!

    webkinzcollecter im finally back on my cousins computer and im really have to leave your blog and everyones blog so i cant go on blogs anymore my mom and dad said not to go on blogs because i do not know anyone in real life!bye~

  108. prodancer

    no i dont know lilly and real life webkinzcollecter sorry

  109. webkinzcollecter

    O that’s too bad you can’t go on blogs anymore. But I can email you. Prodancer that’s fine I was just woundering.

  110. prodancer

    emailing some one you dont know is worse! just sayin. cuz one time i did that and a guy was pretending to be a girl and on one email he said” tonight i know your address so i’ll come kill you!

  111. webkinzcollecter

    O well I think it is ok depending on the situation.

  112. webkinzcollecter

    Wow that’s bad what happend Prodancer!

  113. prodancer

    yeah. but i still wouldnt say oh well. it could happen to anybody.

  114. webkinzcollecter

    That is true.

  115. webkinzcollecter

    Besides Godrocks is back on so I won’t need to.

  116. prodancer

    ok heres a little thing about dance i wrote. because i love dance and writing
    My hair swrirled around me like many leaves soaring through the crisp fall air. my legs pointed to sky that i could almost feel the birds soft flattery wings. My arms dashed around the room gazing on its beauty. i could feel the pressure on my cheast hitting it like a ton of bricks. My eyes closed like their was not going to be a minute of this strange world. For these such detail things are just Dance.
    tell me if you like it becuz i dont know if i should enter the writing competion saturday

  117. prodancer

    and i have a comp. on friday. please pray for me! its the early russia comp. so i wont be coming on at all tommorrow or today. bye!

  118. webkinzcollecter

    Ok I will

  119. Arieno

    hi webkinzcollecter i m finally bsck but it is …My soccer pro fest tommorrow for the Jr.Rhinos which i play for! pray for me!

  120. Arieno

    thats my sister sorry

  121. God rocks!

    sorry she is my friend

  122. God rocks!

    Umm how did Mean girl start coming on here webkinzcollecter were did she comment. 😦 she is 👿

  123. God rocks!

    i don’t know you 👿 little girl!

  124. God rocks!

    please delete that comment webkinzcolletcer!

  125. webkinzcollecter

    Godrocks, PLEASE do not pretend to be mean girl! I know it was you because I saw both had the same email and IEP. I am not going to ban you this time but next time I will. I really don’t want to do that because you are a great friend so please obey the rules. Thanx.


  126. God rocks!

    oh that she copyed my email onto her email thing this happened like 3 months ago.sorry for the incovinice because i would never want to say anything like her she emailed wordpress. sorry you thoguth that.

  127. prodancer

    im back! i got 2nd place for the comp. yey! ok why is it everytime god rocks says she cant come on she comes back on! just makes me wonder

  128. God rocks!

    well my mom says i can go on 1 hour a week on anything.

  129. God rocks!

    i made a new blog

  130. prodancer

    i did it and it didnt work

  131. God rocks!

    no sorry go to

  132. webkinzcollecter

    O ok.

  133. webkinzcollecter

    Cool blog! I added you to my blog role.

  134. webkinzcollecter

    God rocks I left a comment on your blog please go check it.

  135. prodancer

    hey havnt been here for awhile. on thursday i’m going to ohio for two weeks for a comp. so i wonot be able to talk.

  136. God rocks!

    um webkinzcollecter july 4th i won’t be back for 10 days i’ll be in New MEXICO

  137. prodancer

    hey! My recital is today.I have about 16 dances in each recital and there’s 5 recitals.It’s exhausting! But It’s fun! 3/4’s of them are solos. I’m the best in my studio. And next year I’m going to move to Las Angolos because my mom said god gave me a talent i should use. yeyyy! I’m excited. And I have a really long lyrical solo that is f u n fun! lol

  138. webkinzcollecter

    O that is sooooooooooooo awesome I’m sure you are talented!

  139. webkinzcollecter

    Just keep on trying your best!

  140. prodancer

    your trying to lose weight?

  141. webkinzcollecter


  142. webkinzcollecter

    I need to.

  143. prodancer

    well if you try to go all the way down to 50 pounds thats going to br hard. I’m 58 pounds. but i’m tiny

  144. webkinzcollecter

    How tall are you?

  145. God rocks!

    i ♥ your website!

  146. webkinzcollecter

    Thank’s I am happy with my blog too.

  147. prodancer

    like 4 foot 4. i’m small and have blonde hair

  148. webkinzcollecter

    o cool. I am 5 foot 6 now, I have shortish very dark brown hair, and I am thin but I still need to loose weight. I already lost 7 pounds! In tree days. It’s because I have a fast digestive system.

  149. webkinzcollecter

    I can loose weight really easily. Are you small boned?

  150. webkinzcollecter

    I am 26 inches around the waist right now. You are probobly smaller then that though.

  151. brusx18

    sorry wrong website

  152. webkinzcollecter

    God rocks are you on?

  153. prodancer

    hey i’m back from my ohio competion. i got 2nd place. ugh. a tiny little first grader beat me by two points. all she did was wap her feet around for tap.i’m small boned too. god made me how he wanted me too be.

  154. prodancer click on that its a pic of me.

  155. webkinzcollecter

    I have lost weight so now I am 24 and a half inches around the waist and I am 100 pounds!

  156. prodancer

    wow. Why are you deleting your web

  157. prodancer

    ok it takes time to get people on you blog! gosh dont make it go down for for a stupid reason like that

  158. webkinzmissy

    i dance 3 hours a day every day except for sunday and i do everything but hiphop

  159. danceyoursoul

    Not to brag or anything but at one of my dance competitions (recent) I got crowned best dancer of the year! :mrgreen: It was sooooooooooooooo exciting! Balloons and confetti were flying like everywhere! It was sooooo fun! It was at the Move Nationals 😀

  160. keelykinz

    dance is awesome, i do some dancing

  161. keelykinz

    but i really love acting! I’ve been acting since i was 5 and I’ve been in 6 plays.

  162. prodancer

    Hey! No time no see. dance is good in california. I’ve been doing alot of acting to. I was actaully in another concert and agne comercial.

  163. prodancer

    My dance competion I got flexist queen. that’s when U have success in all your classes

  164. webkinzcollecter

    Hi Prodancer I have not seen you in a while glad you are back I have missed you. That is cool. Acting must be fun. Right now I do ballet three times a week. My school had audition for Claires Christmas which is The Nutcracker and I got three parts. I got party guests, teen dance, and a shepard. Soon I will have ballet four times a week because the Claires Christmas rehersals are every Saturday for two hours and 30 min. By the way the flexist queen is so awesome I am glad you got it. Have you seen Godrocks lately? She has not been on forever I miss her too. By the way I looked at you’re and Godlover83’s icon and it is the same. Are you Godlover from along time ago? It is ok to say yes.

  165. Bella

    Hey WC! 🙂

    I just wanna say my opinion so PLEEEEASE don’t be mad or erase my comment. I just wanna say how I feel cuz that’s what wordpress is all about.

    Uhh… prodancer, well is she really a PRO?!?! (if she says yes, she’s lying)
    I have a really hard time believing she really went to RUSSIA, because if she was that good, I mean so good that she got like 2nd place in a contest in Russia, we would have heard about her! Also, it seems like she goes to a new competition and wins 1st or 2nd or 3rd or 4th place every WEEK! And NO ONE can do that many competitions! So she goes to Russia, does like 5 competitions in Russia, comes home, and keeps flying all over the place to more competitions?! I don’t think so!And she has 16 dances, most of them solos? Most of the best dancers in the world can’t even memorize that many solos! Plus, not even famous dancers in RUSSIA get to have 12 solos! She dances, acts, she’s moving to LA, and she was in a commercial?!?! She does EVERYTHING!!! And that thing she said was a picture of her… it’s not really her!!!

    And God Rocks? Well no offense, but, she said her plane ride was at 8:30 am, and she didn’t “leave” ’till 5:00 pm! So she never really left! Plus, she said she was writing to you from the plane, but your not allowed to have your laptops out on the plane!

    Neither of them can be pro’s. Cuz if you are a pro it means you get paid, and they are just kids, you can’t get paid for a job until your 16! So they are both lying about being pros!

    I don’t wanna sound mean or offend anyone, but you are a really nice sweet person, and they are taking advantage of you by telling all these lies! I am just warning you! I talked to both my parents about it and they told me God Rocks and prodancer are lying. Please don’t be mad, I am just warning you! I just don’t wanna see you get hurt 😦

    Lilly and Bella

  166. webkinzcollecter

    Hi Bella you are right. Prodancer if you are going to lie then I don’t need to talk to you so don’t come on here and make lies!

  167. webkinzcollecter

    I know you were not being mean Bella I am not mad. I always had a odd feeling about Prodancer.

  168. Bella

    THANKS WC!!!

    I just hate it when people lie on here! Your a great friend for beleiving me and not getting mad 🙂

  169. taptap999

    I’m 10 and in Grade 5.
    Classes: I do 7 dance classes and 4 competition classes. 4 ballet, 2 jazz, 1 tap for my dance classes. 1 jazz, 1 ballet, 1 lyrical, 1 musical theater for competition.

    Hours: 1 hour or 1 hour and 15 minutes.

    Levels: Jazz: Pre Intermediate 2, and Jazz Tecnique 1. Ballet: Ballet Grade 4 (I grade lower than your school grade ALWAYS((A4))), Ballet Grade 4 (B4) with character, Ballet Interfoundation 1 (A), Ballet Interfoundation 1 (B). Tap: Tap level 5.

    How Many Years I’ve Danced: This is my 7th. I started when I was 3 3/4.

    Other Info: When I grow up I want to be a Musical Theatre actor. I LOVE Dancing, I LOVE Singing, And I LOVE Acting! SO it’s perfect!!!!!!!!!

  170. webkinzcollecter

    Hi Taptap I am so sorry for not responding in a while. Thank’s for commenting.

  171. nyc'sfinest

    dis is my 3rd year dancing but my first doing modern it was always hip hop 4 me so things are so different i dance 5 days a week for 45 minutes each

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