On here you can avdertise  you’re blog or anyone elses blogs.Please just remember to only post  blogs only on this page and no were else in Webkinzcollecter world.

 thankyou Webkinzcollecter

Leave a response and help improve reader response. All your responses matter, so say whatever you want. But please refrain from spamming and shameless plugs, as well as excessive use of vulgar language.

20 Responses to “Advertising”

  1. webkinzextra

    Trading page and huge comment contest! check it out to raise my hits!

  2. Cole

    ttp:// is my best blog)

  3. Cole

    click on the button to give free kibble to a dog

  4. Cole

    sorry the html wont work to

  5. Webkinz

    can I be on your blogroll pretty please? If you put me on your blogroll you will automatically be entered in my contest for a free Webkinz Hippo Charm Code. If you, also, come comment on the contest post you will get 2 entries.

  6. _white_web_kinz44

    please visit!!!! its my friends webkinzlog!

  7. Emma

    go to shes really cool and all and yeah comment too cuzzzzz shes having a hits contest!!!!!

  8. webkinzcollecter


  9. ILoveHorses!

    Yes plz go 2 The prize is a mystery prize! GREAT HITZ CONTEST!

  10. 17Starlite

    click my name for a spooktacular surprize!(contest alarm)beepbeepbeepbeep!

  11. Emma

    PLEASE GO TO!!!!!!!! They’re awesome and they are aiming for 8,000 hits by midnight tonight! and also visit mine if ya want but mainly go to splash!

  12. haleylauren

    OMG Sorry I sorta advertised a contest I’m having on another page Sorry!!! I didn’t see this page!!! It’s a good idea to have a page like this though!

  13. webkinzcollecter

    Hi Haleylauren it’s fine I’m not upset.

  14. umphulump55

    I have a webkinz poem contest going on at

  15. haleylauren



  16. roxy189
    please we are low hits so check it out
    you wont regret it on your life!

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