About me

Hi  I am webkinzcollecter and I would like to share some stuff about me in the real world. I also love hearing things about other people to. This is stuff about me:

My real name: Chantell

Nick names: C.G, Tellybell, and Tell

 My email:   ben_tell@yahoo.com

Favorit color: pink

Hobbies: ballet, friends, webkinz, playing outside,  animals, fashion, and God

My personality:  out going, creative, organized,  ,active, somewhat moody, chatty, giving,

Girlygirl or tomboy: girly girl

Fav clothes stores: Hollister, Aropostal


Looks: Tall, skinny, big black eyes, long eye lashes not to brag, short/medium  very dark brown hair,

Most fav clothes brand: Aropostal

Sports: dance and swimteam


Level in ballet: I’m in level 2 even though this is my first year

How many webkinz I have: 12 right now

My user names: 11horses, sneakypoo, and gsc0976

My fav bands: , Green day, and Slipknot, Skillet, Breaking benjamin, and  My chemical romance

Fav song from Green day:  Holiday  and American Idiot and Jesus or sibriria

My Inborn gifts: ballet, artistic stuff, creativity

My favorit thing to do with my free time: play with friends, play webkinz, play outside,  practice dance and more

 Only child or have siblings: I have 2 siblings

Dream job: Proffesional prima dancer


I wish I had:  50 webkinz



More info on me: I’m very into trading stuff in webkinz world and I am planning to get alot more webkinz. I love all my webkinz and lil’kinz the same becuas they are all special to me in different ways. I am also a Cristian and I’m glad to be one. If you have any more questions I would love to here them so ask me anything.







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18 Responses to “About me”

  1. lakota


  2. Webkinz are better than you

    I have a question:
    Do you love your webkinz and treat them as real? I do. Except one time I was in a hotel with all of my webkinz and the fire/emergency alarm went off (my luck) and we had to evacuate. then we went back in. then out. in. nothing happened except in a restaurant in the hotel a pipe broke and water fell from it. hours later they were still cleaning up

  3. webkinzcollecter

    Yes I do. I love my webkinz alot. Thank’s for the question


  4. puppyz1859

    Hey it’s me. Im sorry if MG said something and you thougth it was me. Im seriously tired of her 😦

  5. Madison61896

    Hey webkinzcollecter! It’s Madison… you told me to visit your site so I did! lol.

  6. webkinzcollecter

    O hi! Are you still on Madison6196

  7. Madison61896

    I am now!! By the way, you can just call me Madison if that’s easier. How are you?

  8. Rockin' Out With Webkinz

    I look after my webkinz as if they are real animals! YAY WEBKINZ!

  9. webkinzcollecter

    Ya I do too! You rock!

  10. webkinzcollecter

    I love Webkinz.

  11. kressie647

    Please visit my blog- right now.

  12. sisters4evu

    Hey umm me and my sis just made a blog and we need some help! It’s called sisters4evu please add it to your blog roll. oh and we need help figuring out how to make a banner and how we make photos on our posts and how do we post. thanks!

  13. Kelsey

    hi email me Chantell at kelseyswebkinz@velocital.com and I will give u a prize on ur 11horses! its a surprize!

  14. keelykinz

    how old are you? i’m 11

  15. nutcracker101

    didnt you hav another blog called ballet dancing queen????????

  16. roxy189

    can i add u on webkinz?

  17. haleylauren

    Cool we have so much n common!!! both christians, Swim team brown hair….Wow..
    Hey have you ever heard of a blog called EverythingKinz? Well I work there and we are having a bunch of differnet contests as part of our 5000 hits fest!!!!! there are great prizes too!!!
    http://www.everythingkinz.wordpress.com !!!!

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