Wc news valentine party/ Webkinz world news 2009

Posted On January 15, 2009

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Hi everybody 😀 I am so glad to be finally posting. I have some Webkinzcollecter news. The fist news is thank you so much to everyone who has done the comment contest. Roxy18 you have won the Terra cotta chair so please tell me you’re user name. The comment contest is still going on so please comment.  And last part of the WC news paper is in February I my frog Lilly will host a huge valentines day party in webkinz world. It will be better than any party I have ever hosted so be prepared 😀 

Now time  for webkinz world news. These are some upcoming items that will arrive in webkinz world soon. I can not wait for the super bed!railwaydreams-bed1




6 Responses to “Wc news valentine party/ Webkinz world news 2009”

  1. Brianne

    Do you have any winterfest stuff from this year??? I’m looking for the rug and the jacket with the scarf. If you do i will trade BIG and I will let you see my trading room, WC.

    P.S. What is your main webkinz account? And if you don’t have a main one, could you list the usernames for the other ones? I’d love to know! :mrgreen:


  2. webkinzcollecter

    Hi Brianne I am sure I do I will check. I do not have a main account but my first one is 11horses

  3. webkinzcollecter

    And I would love to give you a list of user names

  4. Brianne

    Thank you! :mrgreen:

  5. webkinzcollecter

    You’re welcome 😀

  6. Brianne

    have you found your winterfest items yet??? Just curious

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