ANOTHER Wc contest/ webkinz party ideas

Posted On January 9, 2009

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Hi every one Today I found something very cool. Even if you are older and you’re Birthday is coming up wouldn’t it be fun to have a webkinz theme party? Well I have tips on how to do that

First you need props which are: If it is nice outside you can buy a mini trampline 2. Lil’ kinz to hand out or webkinz trading cards 3. You can buy plain t shirts that are a dollar and put webkinz on themwebkinz_tshirtfavor1Then you have to create webkinz invitation’s

These are food recipies you can make:webkinz_wowcake61And there is lot more but I don’t have time to post everything so if you want to know more visit

Now on with my webkinz contest.Β  This contest is a COMMENT CONTEST

Comment 100 wines terra cotta chair

comment 200 wines santa kinz bed

comment 350 wines charm forest poster

and comment 450 wines…. The Halloween creepy bed! So please comment as tell everyone you know about this contest. My user name is 11horses and please post you’re user name when youΒ  win. Also the rules are

no mean comments

you can win only twice

And most important HAVE FUN πŸ˜€



103 Responses to “ANOTHER Wc contest/ webkinz party ideas”

  1. roxy189

    Hey! I had a webkinz party last year! We played webkinz cupon machine, got a webkinz pinyata and wached an animal movie! We also made webkinz collars an bandannas!

  2. roxy189

    Hey a comment contest cool!

  3. roxy189

    I never enen saw it untill now!

  4. roxy189

    Well i guess i will start commenting!

  5. roxy189

    And try to win something good!

  6. roxy189

    Because that is oh well

  7. roxy189

    I went rock climbing today for a feild trip!

  8. roxy189

    We had a blast!

  9. roxy189

    Well of course we had fun!!!

  10. roxy189

    I mean duh we are supposed to have fun

  11. roxy189

    It was truly meant to be a fun trip!

  12. roxy189

    And right now i am just talking nonsense!

  13. roxy189

    Well this is comment # 13

  14. roxy189

    Still tons more untill the first prize!

  15. roxy189

    I mean i cant wait!

  16. roxy189

    Well hey it notifis you of follow up comments via email!

  17. roxy189

    I subscribed to this post!

  18. roxy189

    Well i will be back!

  19. roxy189

    Hey aagain! wow no one else has commented!

  20. roxy189

    I could just sit here all day and comment!

  21. roxy189

    I am trying to comment in full sentences

  22. roxy189

    Not just saying random shout outs like lol.

  23. roxy189

    even though i might do that sometimes because i will rum out of things to say at some time or outher

  24. roxy189

    Did i spell other right? Hmmm i dont know!

  25. roxy189

    Comment # 25 wow we still have a lot more comments to go!

  26. roxy189

    Why isent any one else here!

  27. roxy189

    By the way even though i allready said this, cool party ideas!

  28. roxy189

    Read my first comment on this post! πŸ™‚

  29. roxy189

    You will understand what i am trying to say!

  30. roxy189

    2:16 and this would be comment #30 and we are no where near 100 comments yet!

  31. roxy189

    Well should i go yet?

  32. roxy189

    Mabye i will stick around for a few minutes

  33. roxy189

    I have nothing better to do anyway

  34. roxy189

    Well what should i say?

  35. roxy189

    You can buy webkinz for 99 cents on ebay

  36. roxy189

    I might bid on one!

  37. roxy189

    I only have 29 webkinz!

  38. roxy189

    I want more! i mean who dosent

  39. roxy189

    I may also by webkinz juinor!

  40. roxy189

    I am goin to webkinz insider brb!

  41. roxy189

    Nothing new! Darn it

  42. roxy189

    No good info i may presume!

  43. roxy189

    I dont even know what that last comment meant!

  44. roxy189

    BRB again goin to kn

  45. roxy189

    kn stands for kinzvlle news!

  46. roxy189

    oh yeah wheel of wishies is on today!

  47. roxy189

    time to go on webkinz and go spin it! I woulent miss it for the world

  48. roxy189

    hey im back now!

  49. roxy189

    wow the creepy bed is from halloween 2007!

  50. jd(wwid- Happysmilz96)

    hi roxy πŸ˜€
    wats up?

  51. jd(wwid- Happysmilz96)

    oh im awaiting moderation

  52. jd(wwid- Happysmilz96)

    u still here roxy?

  53. jd(wwid- Happysmilz96)

    hmmm i think ur not

  54. roxy189

    oh hi !

  55. roxy189

    u still there?

  56. roxy189

    hey i am!

  57. roxy189

    hello? u still there?

  58. roxy189

    oh well wow almost sorta there!

  59. roxy189

    i cant wait!

  60. roxy189

    this will be comment 60 who ho almost there!

  61. roxy189

    yay soon it will be comment 100! lol

  62. roxy189

    who is excited for valentines day!

  63. roxy189

    I am !

  64. roxy189

    Wow its 5:57

  65. roxy189

    the next offical holiday that i know of is comming of age!

  66. roxy189

    it is celebrated in japan!

  67. roxy189

    And thats it for now

  68. roxy189

    wait im not leaving yet!

  69. roxy189

    Beacuse we are getting closer!

  70. roxy189

    I can fell it!

  71. roxy189

    i really meant feel but i dont know better because i cant type1

  72. roxy189

    no one is on! darn

  73. roxy189

    getting so much closer!

  74. roxy189

    only a few more left but mabye not oh well

  75. roxy189

    where dd you find thooe t shirts!

  76. roxy189

    i want one!

  77. roxy189

    just plain thinking1

  78. roxy189

    about nothing 😦

  79. roxy189

    why am i so sad idk

  80. roxy189

    20 more comments to go!

  81. roxy189

    i should be able to do it!

  82. roxy189

    that was fast!

  83. roxy189

    i can comment pretty fast!

  84. roxy189

    wow! im amazed!

  85. roxy189

    at how fast it is1

  86. roxy189

    webkinz is slow right now

  87. roxy189

    grr i want to go on webkinz1

  88. roxy189

    i might later

  89. roxy189

    had to pick something up

  90. roxy189

    it was just a note sticky

  91. roxy189

    nothing speical!

  92. roxy189

    really trust me1

  93. roxy189

    wow we are so close!

  94. roxy189

    7 more! wow its getting late

  95. roxy189

    i should stop using exclamation marks

  96. roxy189

    not completely1

  97. roxy189


  98. roxy189

    i am talking nonsense

  99. roxy189

    really i am!

  100. roxy189

    yay i winnn!!!!!

  101. roxy189

    i won a terra cotta chair!

  102. roxy189

    i am sooooooooo happy! i will be back!

  103. webkinzcollecter

    Roxy18 I nead you’re user name so I can send the chair to you. Thank’s πŸ˜€

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