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Posted On January 8, 2009

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Howdy friends how are you?  I am good but busy like always. Any ways today I found some awesome news about these new webkinz that will be out some time in 2009. By the way this is a reminder that right now Alvins WC  E-store is unavailable until February because Alvin and I are working on it so it can be WAY cooler then befor  and have more items so please be patient. Well anyways on Saturday you better be here because I am going to post something very exciting.

Lets begin

1. Are first webkinz is  this Sea horse isn’t he cute?jan9wekz2121c7_11preview_lil_seahorse1


2 Responses to “Webkinz news”

  1. webkinzcollecter

    Is anyone wanting to chat?

  2. Bella

    HI!! 😀

    I have the Canary, her name is sunshine, and I have the Seahorse, her name is Pixie (ugly, i know 😛 )!!! I reeeeeally want the key lime dino but i can’t find it!!! x-(


    P.S. Is that a pic of you on your avatar??

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