I am back

Posted On December 31, 2008

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Hi everyone sorry I have not been posting I have just been super busy and needed a break. I am going to do some changes to my blog so it can be more fun and there will be more contests. I promise to post twice a week and if I have time three times a week, I will post about new upcoming stuff in webkinz world and more fun stuff, I will have contests a lot like almost every week, once every two months I will hold party’s in webkinz world, there is going to be posts that say story time with Webkinzcollecter and these story’s are random and funny webkinz stuff, and he webkinz e-store is currently unavailable because Alvin is putting cooler stuff in the WC e-store. Well anyways this is going to be one of the upcoming webkinz4181-11hs5111


8 Responses to “I am back”

  1. Brianne

    I have the canary and the American Golden :mrgreen:

    If you want i can give you their PSF ( pet specific food)

  2. Brianne

    Shake your groove thang! Shake your groove thang! 😆 I’m listening to Alvin and the chipmunks: undeniAble It’s Sooooooo cool! :mrgreen:

  3. webkinzcollecter

    HI BRIANNE YOU CAME 😀 Well Happy new years day 2009! Lol I love Alvin and the chipmunks. I have a webkinz chipmunk and I named him Alvin.

  4. 17Starlite

    what webkinz is that?
    anyways……..what psfs do you need for the e store? I have lots of retireds, (ex. pegasus, unicorn, gorilla, yellow lab, etc.), seasonal, (ex. snowman, lovee frog, reindeer, bat, etc.), and regular, (ex. pug, black fresian, bullfrog, manatee, etc.) I have about 60-70 webkinz adopted, so ask away!

  5. 17Starlite


  6. Bella

    😀 CUTE!! I have her and I named her Sunshine!!

  7. webkinzcollecter

    Hi 17Starlite thankyou so much 😀 Right now I would need Snow man,reindeer, unicorn, and manatee psfs. I hope my list is not too much. If you can not send all that I am perfectly fine with that. Thankyou for offering.

  8. bunnygirlrosa

    comment on it my stats is 0

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