I am back

Posted On December 31, 2008

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Hi everyone sorry I have not been posting I have just been super busy and needed a break. I am going to do some changes to my blog so it can be more fun and there will be more contests. I promise to post twice a week and if I have time three times a week, I will post about new upcoming stuff in webkinz world and more fun stuff, I will have contests a lot like almost every week, once every two months I will hold party’s in webkinz world, there is going to be posts that say story time with Webkinzcollecter and these story’s are random and funny webkinz stuff, and he webkinz e-store is currently unavailable because Alvin is putting cooler stuff in the WC e-store. Well anyways this is going to be one of the upcoming webkinz4181-11hs5111


Wc blog/ other

Posted On December 2, 2008

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Hey bloggers how are you?  Well this week has been very busy and stressful because Claire’s Christmas my ballet performance is coming up this Saturday and I am very busy with that. I am sorry for not posting as much. I will tell you guys I am a little discouraged to create posts because not very many people visit even when I made a Wc e-store page were you can get exclusives for free. So I would like everyone please to tell me what you would like to see change on this blog because this blog is made for you guys to enjoy. The contest I posted below is still going on just so you guys know. I will tell you guys how my ballet performance went. Please wish me luck I am very stressed about doing well.galmont0080011pnkslipps1