Wc e-store is open!/ ballet

Posted On November 9, 2008

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41z3bfc0m6l_ss500_1Howdy bloggers today Alvin’s Wc e-store is here. This is the last page I will ever make in Webkinzcollecter world. Alvin’s Wc e-store has a lot of cool rares and more and they are all free. Also I have very good news. The ballet “Claire’s Christmas” the christian version of the Nutcracker I am going to be in is coming soon. The rehearsals are going very good. In December we will perform it three times. I may be able to a video of me backstage and post it on you-tube. I am so excited! I am still busy with ballet and I still love it. PS this week my mom and two brothers are going to Florida were my Grandma and aunt and cousin lives and I am staying here because of ballet. The reason they are going is because my grandma is having a very hard time breathing and she may die in a few months đŸ˜„ I am so worried I can not loose her we are very close to her. Please pray that she gets better and she is not in much pain.


4 Responses to “Wc e-store is open!/ ballet”

  1. Emma

    I’ll be praying for your grandmother and that your ballet performance goes well.

  2. webkinzcollecter

    Hi Emma thankyou I really like prayers.

  3. Emma

    Me too. 🙂

  4. Bella

    😩 I’ll pray for you.

    i dont see the wc e-store?!?!

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