New webkinz/super wheel/ I got a super bed/ WC estore tomorrow!

Posted On November 9, 2008

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chipmunk1chipmunk41I got a new webkinz today. I got the chipmunk webkinz and I named him Alvin. He is so cute. I found out he is a good dancer too 🙂  well I welcome him to my family so please clap for him he is very excited to be living with me and having a ton of siblings. Also did you guys do the super wheel? I did and I loved it. I also did the wheel of wishes. Just for you’re information the  WC e-store will be held by Alvin to honor him. And the great news is that my Wc e-store will be open tomorrow!  I know you guys have been waiting for so long and now it is finally going to be here. Last night when I was trading in webkinz world I got the bed of roses. PS. I will try to hoast a welcome festival on my sneakypoo account for alvin were everything will be chipmunk. I am thinking about maybe having a movie night with you bloggers and after the party in webkinz world maybe we can go on you-tube and watch the Alvin and the chipmunk movie.



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