Webkinz world Christmas/ my dance

Posted On October 23, 2008

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I discovered these items they will put out on webkinz world for this Christmas! And this is a webkinz snow man he is soooo cute I am getting him. Also the Wc news is that I have been going to the e-store and I am ordering a ton of new webkinz and items and when I reschedulethe party just maybe I will send everyone a item so be sure to come when the clock ticks. But o boy can I not wait until this wardrobe come out šŸ™‚


5 Responses to “Webkinz world Christmas/ my dance”

  1. Webkinz

    That warddrobe is awesome

  2. webkinzcollecter


  3. Bella

    cute!!! šŸ˜€

  4. roxy189


  5. maxiscute101

    Hey how r u? I havent been one my blog in a long time too. well im about to go and add u to my webkinz friend list so say yes to maxiscute101

    I really luv ur blog! U know how kressiebolivia is now a christian blog… well not
    that anything is wrong with that and all but she has over forty webkinz and lots of rare items and money on her account and she said that she is sick of webkinz and stopping her webkinz blog… weird

    but now i luv ur blog more than i luved kressie’s

    and incase u didnt know kressie and i in real life know each other we go to the same school r in the same band and always come over to each others houses… akward huh!?!

    Sorry its a long comment and all but i really missed talking to u …

    and by the way i have another blog called, http://www.pictureperfect101.wordpress.com

    and yes it is about my band picture perfect and are ups and downs through r way becoming descovered! and not only that we now have are new band cover 4 ur CD!

    kind of cool huh! well hipe 2 talk 2 u soon

    your webkinz pal,

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