Halloween/ sorry

Posted On October 22, 2008

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Hello bloggers It’s me Webkinzcollecter welcome back to Wc world. I am very sorry I did not have my party and have not posted for a while. I have been grounded so I am sorry for disappointing everyone. I will pick another time for the party. Thankyou for being so patient Bella about you’re prize you won and once again I will give it to you when I can. Also Halloween is here in Webkinz world they changed the theme. What are you guys going to be for Halloween? Well I am sure it will be awesome. The sad news is that my mom said I can not trick or treat this year for my punishment 😥 I am very sad but Jasone will still fly around in Webkinz worls giving you those sweet treats. About the Wc e-store I am going to open up I am needing more exclusive and rare items that are not from the w-shop so is it ok if you guys can please donate stuff like super beds, potm items, exclusives, rare room themes, and more to me. This is not because I want them I need them so I can have the e-store. Thankyou everyone for being so nice. My user name is gsc0976


3 Responses to “Halloween/ sorry”

  1. webkinzrawesome456

    its ok wc. i understand. ill try to donate. i hope you have another party! 😉

  2. webkinzcollecter

    Thankyou Webkinzareawesome for trying to donate it will be a huge help to me. :happy:

  3. webkinzcollecter


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