Spooky recipie contest/ Halloween is here in WC world

Posted On October 4, 2008

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Booooooo to all of you. The fun Halloween month is finally here in Webkinzcollecter world and I have some  sweet news for you.  I am having one of my spooky contest so here is the info if you dare  to read it.  Please post you’re webkinz user name and  when you do my black cat Jasone will fly on his broom and drop cool recipes in the Kinz mail to everyone and you get three each. Now whoever gets the Fluffed snuglapuffin  wines two very spooktacular prizes which are  a grey wolf code and a mini-yeti  forest from the  webkinz e-store! Neat huh?  That is why it woud be wonderful if many people could enter this contest. Atleast four people have to enter for someone to win.  Also if the person that wines has a blog and they tell me I will post it every were so many people will visit.  Remember be prepared for Jasone flying on a broom in webkinz world you may see him if you stay up late at night.  Also my user name is 11horses so when you get the things in Kinzmail that is my user name.

9 Responses to “Spooky recipie contest/ Halloween is here in WC world”

  1. SAsammygirl

    Can I enter? My username is SAsammygirl. Here are my black cats (they’re both girls):

    Spooky & Boo: Hi, Jasone! :mrgreen:

  2. Fishcat345

    so do we put our username here well my user name is fishcat345

  3. webkinzcollecter

    Hi everyone thankyou so much for entering this contest at Webkinzcollecter world. All you have to do is put you’re user name. Also remember that my user name is 11horses and that is the user that will be sending you the recipies.

  4. 17Starlite

    my user name is 17Starlite add me please…. here is my black cat midnight!

    () ()
    \___/ <Hi wc!

  5. webkinzcollecter

    Hi 17Starlite thankyou for entering this contest I will be sure to add you.

  6. 17Starlite

    ok () ()

  7. Bella

    Hey WC! Me and my floral fox Lily would love to enter your contest! Here’s Lily:

    HI!!! Are you one of Bella’s friends??? Cool! We would love to enter the contest, our username is urasocialreject. Your kitty Jason sounds really nice! It sounds like he’d be great friends with my brother, a bat named Igor. YIPPEE I AM SOOOO EXITED!!! I JUST LOVE GETTING TREATS IN THE MAIL!!! 😀 I’d really like to win, because I really want a new friend, and if Bella gets a new Webkinz pet, it will be her 20th pet and she will get a SUPER BED!!! Also, I am kind of hoping to get the mini-yeti forest, cuz my brother Igor (the bat) would really love it!!! But even if I don’t win, I’m okay with that! It’s really nice of you to bake us all these yummy treats!

    Have a spooktacular halloween!

    ~Lily (and Bella)

  8. webkinzcollecter

    Hi Lilly yes I am. I am getting a floral foz from the e-store just like you Lilly.

  9. webkinzcollecter

    And super beds are very fun just keep telling her to keep going. And thankyou yes Jasone and all my wekinz are very nice and I look forward to having you at my party well thank’s for coming.

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