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Posted On September 17, 2008

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Hello everyone  lately I have noticed that not as much people have came to my blog when I have updated it alot to make it funner.  It makes me feel disappointedwhen barely anyone comes here anymore.  I was thinking about it and I would hate to abandon my blog but I do not want to waist my time making posts if  not very many people come.  If you wish for me to change some things on this blog please tell me I love hearing peoples   Also  please visit  this blog is very fun.thoughts.  Please come here more often.

5 Responses to “Something to tell you bloggers”

  1. Emma

    I love ur blog its just you don’t have any pages aside from the main page.

  2. webkinzcollecter

    Hi Emma I actually do have alot of pages besides my main one. Can you not see them? Hum maybe they don’t show because they are at the bottom but I have alot of pages. Thankyou for telling me this.

  3. Bella


    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEASE, PLEEEEEEEEEASE, PLEEEEEEEEASE NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! OMG I will do anything!!! I haven’t been on WordPress in a while, but seriously I don’t have many friends on here, and you were the nicest person. I’m sorry I haven’t been on WordPress for a while, but I’ve been reeeeeeeally busy at my new dance school. I am choreographing a dance for a competition at my school, and I have just been really busy. But I promise to write more, just PLEEEEEEEEASE don’t abandon your blog. If you do, I will have NO friends on here 😦


  4. webkinzcollecter

    Hello Bella that is great that you are choreographing a dance how fun! I don’t want to upset you and I am sorry about you not having a many friends. I just don’t want to write on here if no one comes on anymore. Ok I will not abandon my blog. Also thank’s about you saying I am the nicest persone on here. You are also very nice too.

  5. Bella

    Well I have FRIENDS, just not on wordpress, lol. Ok good thanks for not abandoning it!

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