The contest/ Wc news paper

Posted On September 8, 2008

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Howdy bloggers!  I have some  awesome news for you.  First I wanted to tell you about my contest below were it says who ever tells the most people about my blog wines a  new ton’s giant cradle well no one seems to pay attention to that and I would like it if you could  get people on my blog and then when enough people come on I will choose a winner.  So please tell people about the contest!  Also Halloween is getting nearer  so be prepared for the  wicked  party’s, contests,  and more I have planned for  October! 











Webkinzcollecter  and Jasone 🙂


8 Responses to “The contest/ Wc news paper”

  1. Kelsey

    Dear WebkinzColector,

    You commented on my blog and I would love to help! Exept one little thing! I only help resently updated blogs. 😦 BUT!!! 🙂 I will make an exeption! I will advertize A TON for your blog IF i can be an administrator. So can I??? I am very trust worthy ask Arielle and dolphinlover45/Alina and haily from and lots of others!!! like and and lots of others!!!!!! 😀 !!! so comment on to answer 😉 yay!!!

  2. webkinzcollecter

    Ok Kelsey thankyou so much! I will trust you. What does a administrator?

  3. Kelsey

    oh an admisistrator is almost like a second owner… just go to users and then type in my email and then click the thing below it and scroll down to administrator.

  4. zuricow

    oh yes just email me or comment on my site ur username and password… if u comment on my site ur password i promise i will delete the comment straight away and save the password.

  5. brianne

    Dear WebkinzCollecter,

    I’m sorry i didn’t make it to your spa party 😦 I didn’t remember the blog where i commented to be friends on webkinz. But i CANNOT wait to come to your Halloween party and be hee for all the great things u have planned! :mrgreen:

  6. brianne

    P.s. I am NOT mean girl i think that was WABTY or some girl named Briana or some thing 🙄 My name is Brianne (pronanuced Bree ann) and i would never be rude or respectful like that to anyone!

  7. webkinzcollecter

    Hello Brianne it is nice to have you on here thankyou so much for coming to Webkinzcollecter world. I am excited for Halloween too and I hope you do not miss out. That is good that you are nice.

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