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Posted On September 3, 2008

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Hi bloggers it is Webkinzcollecter I am back sorry my computer has been having issues.  Well any waya  I wanted to tell you exciting news!  First I am hiring 1kbuckeye to help me with my blog so  she will be making posts too so welcome her when she comes!  Also  I have  changed the spa party so here is the information:

Date: September Freiday  the 12th  in two weeks

My user name:  I am  11horses

My webkinz will be:  a lil’kinz frog  named Lilly

What time: It will start at:  7:30 P.M  and will end at 10:30 P.M!

What room it will be in:  It will me in my salon room  so only stay in that room until  10:20 P.M  and then everyone can go in my play room

More information:  We will be on the  GREEN zone but if for some reason that does not work in webkinz world then go to the  PINK zone.  The spa room will have alot of fun stuff like  a pet of the month item,  a  salon chair from the special theme,  many chairs were a sink is behindit so you can sit back and wash you’re pet,  a hot tub,  a ice cream tree and more!  My user name is 11horses  and this party will be a Spa slumber party so that is why it is late fun right?   There will be alot of fun stuff to do.  Also please do not forget my wonderful contest were you could win a  newton’s giant cradle and a free webkinz account!  Please tell as many people as possible about my party and if you are coming please add me be for that Frieday  and you do not have to RSVP you can just show up.  Also there is something else exciting that will be coming up in Webkinzcollecter  world and that is Halloween is getting closer and I have planned some very cool stuff for all you guys.  Also  Jasone knows that I want to get a bat webkinz but they will have to share the same room and Jasone is  not happy about that do you have any suggestions to my webkinz black cat Jasone?  Well please keep visiting!






Webkinzcollecter the worlds funnest webkinz collecter!



10 Responses to “Wc news paper!”

  1. R.L. Stines #1 Fan

    OK, I will come. But is your username Iam11horses or 11horses?

  2. webkinzcollecter

    Hi thankyou for coming I am glad to have you because lately not very many people have been on here for some reasone.

  3. keelykinz

    Hi webkinzcollector its Keelykinz! Thanks for your comment, and keep coming to my blog! I’ll keep coming to yours!

  4. lucky323465

    hey WC,

    I came here to talk to you because you came to my blog and all you did was advertise. And i’m srry to say I dont like that. My blog doesnt get that many hits at the time. I have a rule on my blog and it says if you break the rules 3 times then your banned. I knw you left comments on blog where i said it was allowed but you also left them on my other pages and you broke my rules twice! So next time please dont advertise cause i dont like banning anyone . Thanks. And Im adding your blog to my blogroll right now. and thanks for putting my blog on your blogroll.


  5. webkinzcollecter

    Hi Lucky I am sorry for adnretising I did not know. I am sorry. Can you come to my party?

  6. lucky323465

    Its ok, i just wanted to tell you before you did it again and i would have to ban you, and i think i missed it , when was it?

  7. lucky323465

    I’ve been really busy cause of school and i have to sell stuff for my grad trip.

  8. webkinzcollecter

    Lucky did I do it again? If so I am so sorry I must have forgotten. Also can you come to my spa slumber party in w w?

  9. lucky323465

    No! you didnt dont worry, I think you read my comment wrong well when is the party? date and time? ill be back when i can ttyl ! 🙂


  10. webkinzcollecter

    Hi Lucky one of my posts talks about the party if you scroll down. Well thankyou for asking.

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