Webkinz world news/ Nutcracker audition

Posted On September 20, 2008

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Howdy bloggers today I found out some dazzling news. It is that Ganz cooked up these fascinating items and they are going to sell them in stores!  These shirts are for humans and they are webkinz shirtsnow how sweet is that?!  Also these are webkinz that they are going to create and sell out in stores.  About the Nutcracker audition today my studio is having auditions for The Nutcracker and I am so excited but nervous because I want to get atleast three parts.


Something to tell you bloggers

Posted On September 17, 2008

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Hello everyone  lately I have noticed that not as much people have came to my blog when I have updated it alot to make it funner.  It makes me feel disappointedwhen barely anyone comes here anymore.  I was thinking about it and I would hate to abandon my blog but I do not want to waist my time making posts if  not very many people come.  If you wish for me to change some things on this blog please tell me I love hearing peoples   Also  please visit www.maxiscute.wordpress.com  this blog is very fun.thoughts.  Please come here more often.

The contest/ Wc news paper

Posted On September 8, 2008

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Howdy bloggers!  I have some  awesome news for you.  First I wanted to tell you about my contest below were it says who ever tells the most people about my blog wines a  new ton’s giant cradle well no one seems to pay attention to that and I would like it if you could  get people on my blog and then when enough people come on I will choose a winner.  So please tell people about the contest!  Also Halloween is getting nearer  so be prepared for the  wicked  party’s, contests,  and more I have planned for  October! 











Webkinzcollecter  and Jasone 🙂

Dazzling news in webkinz world!

Posted On September 6, 2008

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Hi bloggers I hope you are ready to hear this fascinating news about webkinz world!  The pet of the month for October is the  hippo webkinz  and best all all there are two new webkinz coming up in webkinz world some time but I do not know when!  These webkinz are really cool I want to get the green one.  I also heard that they may make a  butterfly and a cheeky cow.  I think that Ganz should  wheel of boo for Halloween, a wheel of  jolly for Christmas, and a wheel were if you spin you win a potm iteim.  that would be cool!

Wc news paper!

Posted On September 3, 2008

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Hi bloggers it is Webkinzcollecter I am back sorry my computer has been having issues.  Well any waya  I wanted to tell you exciting news!  First I am hiring 1kbuckeye to help me with my blog so  she will be making posts too so welcome her when she comes!  Also  I have  changed the spa party so here is the information:

Date: September Freiday  the 12th  in two weeks

My user name:  I am  11horses

My webkinz will be:  a lil’kinz frog  named Lilly

What time: It will start at:  7:30 P.M  and will end at 10:30 P.M!

What room it will be in:  It will me in my salon room  so only stay in that room until  10:20 P.M  and then everyone can go in my play room

More information:  We will be on the  GREEN zone but if for some reason that does not work in webkinz world then go to the  PINK zone.  The spa room will have alot of fun stuff like  a pet of the month item,  a  salon chair from the special theme,  many chairs were a sink is behindit so you can sit back and wash you’re pet,  a hot tub,  a ice cream tree and more!  My user name is 11horses  and this party will be a Spa slumber party so that is why it is late fun right?   There will be alot of fun stuff to do.  Also please do not forget my wonderful contest were you could win a  newton’s giant cradle and a free webkinz account!  Please tell as many people as possible about my party and if you are coming please add me be for that Frieday  and you do not have to RSVP you can just show up.  Also there is something else exciting that will be coming up in Webkinzcollecter  world and that is Halloween is getting closer and I have planned some very cool stuff for all you guys.  Also  Jasone knows that I want to get a bat webkinz but they will have to share the same room and Jasone is  not happy about that do you have any suggestions to my webkinz black cat Jasone?  Well please keep visiting!






Webkinzcollecter the worlds funnest webkinz collecter!