Jazz/ meet my new potm webkinz!/ huge contest

Posted On August 29, 2008

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Hi there bloggers welcome back to  Webkinzcollecter world nice to have you!  Yesterday I got a pet of the month webkinz and it was the  Clydesdale brown horse and I named her Cookiedough.  When I got the potm item I got the new ton’s giant cradle  and I already have that iteim so that was a bummer!  Also about Jazz I found him today!  And you will not be leave who stole him it was…….  JASON MY BLACK CAT! He wanted to play a early Halloween joke lol but it scared me to death but we all laughed!  Tomorrow I am going on vacation to New york and I will not be back for three days.  Also  I am having a contest and this is how it goes,  I need more people on here to join the Webkinzcollecter  adventures and fun so  whoever  tells the most bloggers about my blog  will win… A new ton’s  giant cradle  and a free webkinz account!  So please  get as many people as possible on and spread the word.  My user name is  11horses  just  tell me how many people you got on and if you do not know how much you can guess what you think is the closest to the answer.   Also  when I get back I will have the funnest post and contests you can imagine.  Also I found out that Ganz is going to make a  love flamingo, porky pine,  and way more so keep you’re eyes open in Webkinz world.  Well I hope you enjoy you’re time on here and  don’t worry my webkinz are on here to talk to you.



Webkinzcollecter  🙂


7 Responses to “Jazz/ meet my new potm webkinz!/ huge contest”

  1. Lizard


  2. shiver123x

    Why am I the only one who ever comments-Im Quacks when im not logged in

  3. webkinzcollecter

    Hi Shiver123x more people come then you it is just that they seem to be on diffrent psges and posts on my blog lol! I am very glad you have came to my blog and I hope you keep visiting. Please get many more bloggers to come here too. Once again thankyou for coming! 🙂

  4. texasgirl11

    that pic was photoshopped…it’s not a real flamingo…

  5. webkinzcollecter

    O it is not? How do you photo shope something? Well thank’s for telling me it was helpful info. Hope to see you on soon!

  6. Billy

    is the contest still going on?

  7. webkinzcollecter

    Hi Billy nice to have you on again! Yes it is stil going on.

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