Spa party will be another time and date

Posted On August 27, 2008

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Hi guys it is Webkinzcollecter  I am very sorry to say this but I am NOT having my  Spa party this Frieday because too many people are busy and I understand that so  I will pick another time and date very soon like I was thinking this upcoming Monday would that work for any of you?  Other than that everything is the same.  Once again please do not worry I will keep trying  until  people come!  So don’t give up and  most importantly  keep coming here!  Also who ever comes to my party will each get a exclusive iteim.


3 Responses to “Spa party will be another time and date”

  1. Quacky

    Make it at maybe like,6:00 PM,or something?

  2. KinzKidAtHeart

    Okay, you want me to advertise the contest or the party? I will try to find a place to do this.

  3. webkinzcollecter

    Ok thankyou I would like you to tell people about the contest.

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