Spread the word please/ more news on the mystery

Posted On August 26, 2008

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 Hi  bloggers  please tell everyone on WordPress you know, you’re family, friends outside of wordpress too, and others about my blog because I need people  in my fun contests and  cool posts so please spread the word about my blog to everyone.  Also  this is a blog that  needs more people on too  www.webkinzgiveaway.wordpress.com soplease  visit that too.  But please do not forget about mine.   Also when  Cheekingtonz  was  talking to  Arte  about what happened to my beloved webkinz Jazz got stolen  he said he did not do it but  he saw a odd  figure walking around webkinz world at night be for that he had never seen!  I asked  what did it look like and he said they were very  skinny,  they looked like they had at least two legs or something  but that is all he saw then  all of sodden the lights  turned off on him  and when he turned them back on he saw  Plumpy laying  on the floor almost dead!  O no I hope she lives but now I am just trying to figure out who that odd shape really was and I am going to talk to other webkinz.  Also all my other webkinz are on my blog for a hole two weeks  but when Cheekingtonz  went home to bed he and I found  scary  frightening  poster in his door: and   he found that his bed was gone and  he saw this colorful bedHumm now why would anyone leave a colorful bed in his room?  Very fishy!  And when Lilly and Jason saw this they screamed  Lilly is hoping this bad guy will not ruin her party and I hope not too!  Well Cheekingtonz  feel asleep in the bed and he had the oddest dream  I wounder if this bed  has dream powers that  make you dream certain stuff well I need more help with this mystery so please help me come up with who that could be.




3 Responses to “Spread the word please/ more news on the mystery”

  1. Quacks

    Ok,WC,can you plz make the Spa Party,later,at like 6:00 PM,because most of us are in school and you know

  2. webkinzcollecter

    Ok you are actually right I will try to change it. Thankyou for telling me.

  3. R.L. Stines #1 Fan

    NO!!! That is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT true! Look at what I found on Wekinz:

    Many people have been writing in, asking about a rumor that is going around. The rumor is about something in Webkinz World hurting Webkinz pets. The most important thing to know is that this rumor is not true at all. Nothing in Webkinz World would ever hurt your Webkinz pets.

    Everyone at Webkinz World Headquarters works really hard to make Webkinz World a safe, happy and fun place to play. We want you and your Webkinz pets to have a great time playing on the site.

    Please make sure to tell your friends that their pets are safe and the rumor is not true.

    Remember that we would never allow anything
    to hurt your Webkinz pets.

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