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Posted On August 25, 2008

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Hi there I am Webkinzcollecters webkinz  Cheekingtonz  and I am  the one who sends out the news paper.  O you will not beleave what will happen next in Webkinzcollecter world!   Webkinzcollecter is planning to give away 9 exclusive items some time in a contest and please do not tell her I said that because it was SUPPOSE to be a secret.  Also someone stole  her  first webkinz  Jazz!  It was one of the webkinz world  people like dr. Quach or  Plumpy  someone like that but can you guess who?   Well I hope one of you can tell me or atleast guess because there are alot of webkinz who could have kidnapped  poor Jazz so please think.  I have put up sighnes and told many of my webkinz friends about him but none of them have seen him!  Well for who ever is  right wines a…..  THREE HUGE PRIZES BUT I CAN NOT SAY WHAT THEY ARE UNTIL SOMEONE GUESSES RIGHT.  I do not know who it is but  I need you’re guys help.   Please get as many bloggers as possible to help me with this  crazy mistery!   Please do not forget  Webkinzcollecters spa party on  Frieday  on the post befor this.  She would be sad if noone came so please  come and tell  all the bloggers you know.  My user name is 11horses and she will be having the party on that account.


Love Cheekingtonz

3 Responses to “Wc news paper”

  1. Cream789

    I think it was Arte. He seem’s nice but who knows, maybe Arte has a bad side.


  2. webkinzcollecter

    Hi Cream789 it is Webkinzcollecter I am kind of upset that Cheekingtonz told my secret but I am not mad I still love her. Thankyou for you’re input I will get my webkinz to check him out. ALso can you ome to the party?

  3. Webkinzarebetterthanyou

    how about Fred Rover?
    MISS COWALINE!!!!!!!! AH!HHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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