What webkinz will Wekinzcollecter adopt next?

Posted On August 23, 2008

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I am so happy!  I just got alot of money and  some of it I am keeping to buy ANOTHER webkinz!  But which one?  Can you guess?   On this post you have to guess which one I am going to adopt  and whoever guesses right will win…………  THREE  SUPER BEDS OR A FREE WEBKINZ ACCOUNT IT IS UP TO THE WINNER! So  add me I am 11horses   and  post you’re user name.  Also  after the contest is over  everyone can come over to my house in webkinz world and we will have a party  and I will try to take  real pictures of  my webkinz house so I can make a slide show of the party in webkinz world so if anyone knows how to do that please tell me.  Also you can only make six guesses each.  I will  give you a hint about it it is new and it is a black webkinz.  And if you do not win please do not worry I will have many more contests like this one and better.  I  good luck to everyone who enters this contest.  Also  about my party we will be  in my spa room were all my  special salon eitems are and there will be my hot tub and alot more cool stuff in that room.  I will give more info  about the party when I  say the winner.



14 Responses to “What webkinz will Wekinzcollecter adopt next?”

  1. sunny1995

    I THINK IT IS THE……………….SKUNK!!! that is my final answer!

  2. sunny1995

    o, and my username is lalu12

  3. webkinzcollecter

    Hi Sunny thankyou for you’re input and you still have five more guesses if you want to. Well hope you have enjoyed coming to Webkinzcollecter world!


  4. ~♥WebkinzFan123♥~



    lemon lime gecko

    coco dinosaur


  5. ~♥WebkinzFan123♥~

    or that silver gorilla? ( i think… )

  6. webkinzcollecter

    Hi please remember to leave you’re user name everyone.

    Thanyou Webkinzcollecter

  7. kittycream

    1. black lab
    2. black stallion (fresian)
    3. rottweiler
    4. bat
    my username is kittycat7813 also come here for a fun day this thursday! http://www.kittycream.wordpress.com PLZ DONATE!!

  8. kittycream

    aslo do u want me to make you a new header? just order at my website 🙂

  9. webkinzmissy

    my username is disneymissy

    black cat?
    silver back gorilla

  10. smiley97

    my usrname is destinydream97

    my guesses r i think i get 6 well here they r:

    1. manatee

    2. toucan
    3. skunk
    6.cocoa dinosaur

    hope i win bye! 😀 and goodluck 2 any1 else!

  11. webkinzarebetterthanyou

    silver back gorilla
    blue jay? it has some black

  12. God rocks!

    i got it goldfish or manetee bottlenose dolphin or eagle.brusx18 is my user

  13. webkinzcollecter

    Hi God rocks! I have been missing you. How are you? I am sorry that you missed my contest. But Iam having a spa party and I would like you to come can you? Also my blog is getting alot better then befor.

  14. webkinzcollecter

    Wow that is so cool those webkinz rock!

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