The winner of the contest/ The Spa party

Posted On August 23, 2008

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May I have every ones attention in Webkinzcollecter world.  Wow it has only been one day and someone already has won!  Well the winner of the contest is….. Kittycream!  Congratulation’s!  I will add you’re user name and please tell me what you want three super beds or a free account?  And the correct answer was I am going to get the bat.  For everyone who did not win do not give up will be having many more contest and some will be even better than this one!  Also about the spa party  I will hold it  this coming up frieday  and the party will start  at  10:00  A.M to  11:30.   This time we will only stay in the salon room but in the salon room there will be  alot of the salon eitems that you can not buy at the W-shope   and my hot tub  and do not forget I will bring my ice cream tree in too!   So please bring swimming suites and  please wear stylish outfits you have.   Anyone can come so please tell  others on wordpress about this party too just please remember to add me  11horses and post if you are coming and tell me you’re user name.  We will meet on the    YELLOW zone   but if for some reasone  the yellow zone is NOT there then  go to the GREEN zone.  Well I hope to see you guys there and thankyou so much for entering my contest.  Oooopss almost forgot  my lil’kinz frog Lilly  is the one who will be having this fun party.  And she LOVES  FRIENDS AND PARTYS!


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10 Responses to “The winner of the contest/ The Spa party”

  1. sunny1995

    Sorry, but i can’t come. i will be in school. 😥

  2. kittycream

    hi its kittycream! well, i choose the 3 super beds! ! my webkinz username is kittycat7813 🙂 do i get to choose or no ? 😀 thankz

  3. webkinzcollecter

    Yes you do get to choose. I am really only have three super beds so I will send them. And you are welcome thankyou for entering the contest! Also will you be able to come to the party? I hope so and if not that is fine.

  4. kittycream

    ya i hope so too 🙂 also plz come to kc fun day this thursday can you?

  5. asianprincess842

    go to

    its my new blog!!!

    i need more hits!!!

  6. webkinzcollecter

    Hi Asianprincess can you please tell me you’re blog again because when I clicked on it it led me to WordPress again. And I would love to help you that is what I am there for.


  7. kittycream

    oh ya webkinzcolleceter can you plz send my prizes to kittycat7813 thank you 😀

  8. webkinzcollecter

    Hi Kittycream I just sent them. You will see them from 11horses. Thankyou for reminding me.

  9. webkinzcollecter

    Also do you know if you can come to the party? And I will make it on Thursday!

  10. kittycream

    oh thankz sooo much i will get them now! 🙂

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