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Posted On August 21, 2008

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Hello everyone this is the Webkinzcollecter news paper and now I am going to start  posting news every other day.  Ok I am going to tell you what is going on in Webkinzcollecter world.   Today I came up with ton’s of future  ideas for my blog like contests better than I have ever done befor,  I am going to start giving away free webkinz codes and accounts in my contests coming up and you aare just going to love the activities and contests I came up with for Halloween.  But it is a suprise so I can’t tell you anything about those contests yet.  And there will be alot more partys going on and alot more fun and Webkinzcollecter world.   Also for this Halloween they made a bat webkinz and they have made a ton more already like so far the newest webkinz are:  a chipmunk,  dolphine,   bat, and so much more!   Ok now back to more Webkinzcollecter news!  I will tell you that I will be buying more webkinz for these contests and I am going to have atleast  four contests were you can win free accounts or a free webkinz code.   Also I wanted to tell you that  I am opening up a  giveaway for people who need eitems from the W-shope just ask me and I will send as many  things as you need even if you need 30  eitems so don’t be afraid to ask me.  And  Also  I am collecting  the webkinz  salon  eitems because after I have all the stuff I am going to have a salon beuty party in webkinz world and everyone will dress nicely and be in that room and when everyone geos home I will send each of you  something from the kinzstyle shope  so please do not miss out on these wounderful events. 


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