Halloween is coming up in Webkinz World!

Posted On August 16, 2008

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I am soo excited for Halloween  in Webkinz world.  I wounder what they will do this year?   Last year I got my first seasonal webkinz the black cat and I named him  Jasone.  I heard  they will make a bat!  DO you have any ideas you would like  Ganz to do for  Halloween?   If so  you can write them and tell them.  Well I am going to share my ideas that I want them to do for Halloween:  

1. A huge  Halloween party in Webkinz World for all the webkinz

2. Have a  wheel of boo

3.  Have a contest where who ever buys the most  eitems in the  W-shope  wins five exclusive  eitems!

4.  They should make a  black wolf webkinz

5. For all the  black cat and Halloween seasonal webkinz to be able to do special stuff like for the Pet of the month webkinz

And those are my ideas. Also  do not forget that  I will have a Hallween party on that seasone too.


3 Responses to “Halloween is coming up in Webkinz World!”

  1. emily


  2. emily

    that sound fun !!
    what is your user name so i can and you cause i have a spotted frog and it best friend is a black cat so please add me
    my user name: em1lysfrogg1e

    please add me

  3. webkinzcollecter

    Ok I will deffidently add you! My user name is 11horses and on that account I have tree webkinz. But I have 13 webkinz but I have tree accounts. That is so cool that his Best friend is a black cat! I named mine Jasone

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