Webkinz auditions!

Posted On August 10, 2008

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I came up with something very fun!  On my sneakypoo acount I am going to hold auditions for  The Nutcracker in Webkinz World.  This is just for fun.  All you do is add me and  buy some ballet supplies from the W-shope  or if you have the Kinzstyle  Prima ballerina costume that’s great too.  And  we will meet in my ballet studio room.  The judges will be my pink poodle Sally and my pink pony  Bubblegum.   This will be held next Saturday  and it will start at  5:30  P.M  and end at  6:05  P.M!   I know this is kind of silly but it will be fun to come over to my webkinz house in ballet costumes and line up and pretend to make you’re webkinz dance.  Once again  my user name is sneakypoo  please add me if you want to go and tell me you’re user name.  Also  the perofrmance will be  September  21  and  alot of other webkinz will come watch us!   I will show you  the steps and wear you walk  at my house.  Just follow everything I do.   On the audition day I will send everyone a really cool prize when they leave and after the performance I will send  everyone flowers and something else.



2 Responses to “Webkinz auditions!”

  1. potatokinz

    that’s really cool 🙂

    i just want to watch on the day you’re performing…because i can’t dance and i think i passed my non-dancing ability to my webkinz 😳 haha 🙂

    so can you tell me your username so i can add you?

  2. webkinzcollecter

    Hi my user name is sneakypoo I wrote that on the top just incase you ever forget. Well it is ok you do not have to be a good dancer lol!

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