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Posted On August 9, 2008

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Guys  on August 4th I turned 13!  I had two of my friends over for a sleepover and we had a blast!  There was going to be three but one of them got sick.  Her name is Cristiana  she is really nice and I am sad that she got sick but any ways  it was sooo fun.  Aso I wanted to tell you I joined the  WordPress webkinz blog thing  last year and befor that I never even knew of such things lol!  And I have loved it!  Many people have been so nice to me and it is so fun on WordPress!  Also the very first WordPress blog I ever went on was  Zoeys blog.  Please go to this awesome site this persone if very nice and there blog is about webkinz and dance:   Hope you like her blog.  And I also wanted to ask you if you can please tell more people about my contest I need more people.

Thank’s    Webkinzcollecter


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