I am going to do the contest diffrently now

Posted On August 1, 2008

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The contest  befor  is going to change now.  It will be a comment contest.


Comment  200 gets a green lava lamp


comment 400 gets  A country bed

Comment  550 gets  a grand father clock

comment  700 gets  a  Emperor’s  bed

And comment  900 gets  a new ton’s  giant cradle  but if they would like to win this  wounderful  eitem then the persone who winnes  has to give me only one super bed or another Pet of the month eitem.  By the way my user name is 11horses so please add me.  Well I look forward to having people on here!

ALso here are the rules:  Make all you’re comments nice and no fighting,  No cussing or saying gross stuff,   And HAVE FUN!

18 Responses to “I am going to do the contest diffrently now”

  1. 1kbuckeye9

    Awesome prizes! Like the new theme! And I said yes to ur request on W.W.!

  2. Billy

    comment 550 is it a retired Grand Father Clock? or the Brown GrandFather Clock?

  3. Billy

    oh yeah can u pleaz add me blog to ur blog roll? its http://www.leothelion1920.wordpress.com thanks! 🙂

  4. webkinzcollecter

    The retired grandfather clock. Haley I just sent you the clock.

  5. Billy

    awsome!! i hope i win!! it!!!!

  6. Billy

    so its the B&Y clock?

  7. ~♥WebkinzFan123♥~

    yea it is??

  8. easterbunnyfun

    this is a amazing contest

  9. flowiing

    wow such a cool contest! I will have to comment to get green lava and the retired grandfather clock its so cool!

  10. flowiing

    Hello all i will be commenting

  11. flowiing

    I have quite a bit of time

  12. flowiing

    Hmmm so hello world

  13. flowiing

    i like the green lava

  14. flowiing

    i think i may leave soon though

  15. flowiing

    But no prizes are soon

  16. Billy

    anyone here?

  17. Billy

    i really want comment 550 buts it not that close!

  18. Billy

    well i have to go i will be back later!

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