New things in Webkinz World/ I got the retired black and white cheeky dog today!

Posted On July 29, 2008

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Ganz  has came up with making a fish webkinz with a under water room! I am going to get the fish. And other stuff!








Also I went to Justice just for girls today and they had all the retired webkinz were you can get no were else and I got the  black and white cheeky dog!   I named her  Cheekyington  I got a  exclusive green lava lamp with the pet eitem but I wish I got another exclusive. Well anyways my dad got it for me as a early Birthday present! I am soooo glad I have it.


19 Responses to “New things in Webkinz World/ I got the retired black and white cheeky dog today!”

  1. God rocks!

    i have the cheeky white dog

  2. webkinzcollecter

    Cool! I have not seen you on in a while God rocks! It’s nice to have you back because I was kinda missing you lol!

  3. My Webkinz World

    Retired Webkinz – The Complete List Revealed…

    Does your local gift store still seem to have the same old Webkinz sitting on the shelf? You just may want to take a closer look once you’ve read this story.

  4. webkinzfan123

    i have a b & w cheeky dog! AND DO U KNOW WHO KNOCKED ON MY DOOR?!????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!???? DEMI LOATO!!!!!!!!!!! NOT A JOKE! THE REAL DEMI LOVATO KNOCKED ON MY DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. webkinzcollecter

    Um who is that?

  6. webkinzfan123

    oops 😳 i ment demi lovato. :oops 😳

  7. Webkinzarebetterthanyou so funny!!

    You are so funny mean guy@@@@

  8. Billy


  9. webkinzcollecter

    Billy that wasn’t me. That is Webkinzarebetterthanyou!

  10. webkinzcollecter

    Wrbty the Ip looked the same as your’s. And how can you even see the Ip? You can’t on my blog only I can and the Ip is and that Mean guy was you. JUst please leave me alone and stop being rood.

  11. webkinzcollecter

    And plus when you click on the mean guy name it braught me to you’re blog.

  12. Billy

    im not mean guy!?!?!

  13. webkinzcollecter

    Billy Webkinzarebetterthenyou was saying he wasn’t Mean guy but I was telling him that he was because he had the same Ip. Well hi Billy how are you?

  14. Kiko911

    Hm. Which store has better webkinz: Justice or Limited Too???If one has a basset hound please tell me. My pet basset hound just died and I want a webkinz after her.

  15. Kiko911

    ok, I know you guys ( and girls ) cant respond fast because you actually have lives unlike most internet folk. I think I’ll go to limited too ’cause Im out of town and there are only limited toos where im at.

  16. Kiko911

    Poor, poor Halley.

  17. Kiko911


  18. drkshadow17

    Hi. Nice blog. Could you please visit Its new, so the hits are kinda low. If you do visit, could you please leave a comment? Thanks!!

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