A new contest for everyone!

Posted On July 22, 2008

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I know you will all love this contest. I am giving away a:  NEWTON”S  GIANT CRADLE, AND A  EMPEROR’S BED! All you have to do is send me atleast one super bed and then I will randomly pick the winner. If you do not win I will send you back you’re super bed. I  would love people to join this wounderful contest so please tell as many people as possible about this contest and that will actually give you more of a chance  to win!  Just put you’re user name bellow. My user name is  11horses   so please add me.  I need to have atleast 15 people enter  to anounce  the winner.  Well have fun everyone and remember if you don’t win  do not worry I will have many more contests.     Also  my Birthday is coming up in August 4th and I am having a slumber party and inviting three of my closest friends.  I  am excited about my Birthday but at the same time I don’t want to turn 13 years old because this is the last year I will be a kid. 

17 Responses to “A new contest for everyone!”

  1. PuppyLuv6737

    ummm… your basicly trying to get ppl to trade you for a cradle! And thats a horribal trade! Dont try and scam ppl! And i dont belive that you would send everyone back there super beds! You would probally just keep them!

  2. webkinzcollecter

    Puppyluv I would not keep them. I am honest at trading why would you even think I am not honest?

  3. webkinzcollecter

    Puppyluv I am sorry to say this but if you do not have anything possitive to say then do not post comments on this blog. I am not trying to scam people. So either say nice stuff or goodbye.

  4. webkinzcollecter

    I like to hear how people feel but I do not care for you telling me I scam so please stop. Thank’s

  5. webkinzfan123

    ok i will trust u but plz add me! my user is cyklo! :mrgreen:

  6. webkinzcollecter

    Thank you for trusting me. I will add you. I know it is hard to trust people Puppyluv because we have never traded and not everyone online is honest so I am sorry and I understand how you feel Puppyluv.

  7. webkinzfan123

    and if u scam me, i dont care!!!

  8. webkinzcollecter

    I will not scam you so no need to worry.

  9. webkinzcollecter

    I added you and you are on my list so please send the bed when you are ready. Guys this is a note to everyone on here and to everyone that will be on here: When you see 11horses and you’re list then that is me so please send the beds. Also I am not a scammer I have prof you can ask Sunshinebear, Yanksrul, Iceskater4ever, and many more people.

  10. 1kbuckeye9

    You are my friend, but why the heck would you come here and say that? Are you like holding a sign around your neck saying “Ban me WC!”??? Seriously that was really rude! WebkinzCollecter’s my friend, on of my BEST friends on wordpress, and I KNOW she is not a scammer! So would you please stop it! You said you would be freinds with her at my blog, yet, you continue saying rude comments. WebkinzCollecter is one of the NICEST people on wordpress, and she deserves to be treated better! Or, I am sorry, but I can’t continue being your friend if you continue acting like this!


  11. webkinzcollecter

    Hi Haley! Are you going to enter the contest?

  12. webkinzextra

    I’m sorry but I can’t enter, I didn’t relieve I had to send you a superbed! I’m sorry!

  13. 1kbuckeye9

    I only have 1 superbed, with 3 pets, so idk it’s kinda special but I might!

  14. webkinzcollecter

    It is ok. I am sorry for confusing you.

  15. abbygoo

    I will give you more than three!!!! add me!!! abbygoo !

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