A new webkinz coming up and I am having a comment contest soon!

Posted On July 20, 2008

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Hi I just found out that there is a white horse webkinz coming up soon.   I hope I can buy it. Well keep a big eye out for it everyone.  Also I am going to have a really cool comment contest when I get enough exclusive and rare eitems I am willing to give away.  Also remember that picture I showed you of me?  Well please do not  get upset but that wasn’t  really me I just wanted to play a joke haha.  Well sorry if you are upset.  I am not alowed to show the real me on here but I will show you a picture of what I look alot like.  Just click on this and I look ALOT LOT  like the girl with brown hair. Click on www.washingtonpost.com  then on the top type in  vagonova ballet  and  it will be about ruussian ballet. Then scroll down and you will see photos now click on that and when you see the number of photos click on  number 5  and that is who I look alot like.



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