This is very odd and dissapointing!

Posted On July 8, 2008

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These are webkinz that  Ganz decided not to make when they were about to make them. I wish they had made these webkinz.  They look pretty cool even though some of them look evil lol!


12 Responses to “This is very odd and dissapointing!”

  1. PuppyLuv6737

    OMG! 😆 They were not going to make those! 😆 But i would be awesome if they made the love frog spider! Its AWESOME! I would SO buy it! 😆 How did you do that anyways? And whats up with the D on them? Shouldnet it be a W

  2. 1kbuckeye9

    Ok that’s FREAKY! 🙂 The mouse/rat is gonna give me nitemares!

  3. dolphinlover45

    LOL!!! they r sooooooo freaky! i would buy the green dalmation! lol!

  4. webkinzcollecter

    The rat is one of the ones I liked the most lol! Well I hope you don’t get nightmares. And hi Puppyluv and Dolphinlover.

  5. webkinzrose1128

    They’re dudkinz. GANZ was never going to make them they were just fooling around. 😆 See-

  6. webkinzcollecter

    O but it just said that Ganz didn’t want to make them. Ok I got it!

  7. webkinzcollecter

    Hi I changed my icon again! I love this one the most.

  8. 1kbuckeye9

    I saw ur icon on my blog! But it’s only on the recent comments! Weird! It’s cool! And the lab rat didn’t give me nitemares! lol! They are creepy though! lol!

  9. WebbieFan345765

    omg. I’m scared.

  10. Webkinzarebetterthanyou

    Those are just webkinz that kids mAde up!!!! idi***!

  11. webkinzcollecter

    Webkinzarebetterthanyou Ii told you you were not allowed on my blog anymore or I would report you now I am! Sorry but just leave me and my blog alone!

  12. flowiing

    They were not gonna make those pets the people on webkinz2008 edited the pictures and just said they were rejects

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