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Posted On July 8, 2008

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If I may have everyone attention I need to tell you something.  Webkinzarebetterthanyou  has been saying  really bad cuss words on Haleys blog and my blog and other blogs. He tried to hide it and say that it was his SEVEN YEAR OLD SISTER who wrote all that  bad stuff.  I hate to say this but I am  pretty possitive he is not telling the truth!  He also edits people comments and makes them say bad stuff.  He is banned from my blog.  Because even though I frogive him I just can’t take a risk of him saying bad words because there are alot of little kids out there and  cuss words and  other stuff he said are very bad for  kids eyes especially little kids!   I wish he did not cuss because  we use to be friends and now he is totally inapropiat. Well watch out for him and  if you feel like this is needed ban him from you’re blogs and tell everyone this  upseting, suprizing,  helpful news!   And I also wanted to tell you that Webkinzarebetterthanyou  is Aysoff.  So that means he is one of the  Poor girls, Mean girls, and other names with mean on the end.

Also I wouls love to get to know more information about all the you bloggers so please feel free to post about you’re self here but just do not give out you’re phone number or any of that. But you CAN post you’re looks still.


Watch out and be safe,    Webkinzcollecter


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