Princesspearl’s blog and her

Posted On July 7, 2008

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Hi guys  there is someone called Princesspearl and noone has been on her blog for a while and  I think we should get more people on her blog.  Her blog is cool but I am not trying to be mean but when you post you should give her tips on  stuff she can post. She has not been on her blog for months now I think.  Her blog is called: please be thaughtful and get  alot more people on her blog!




4 Responses to “Princesspearl’s blog and her”

  1. ~♥KinzFan143♥~

    she is the gold shine!!!! she is a scammer!

  2. webkinzcollecter

    She is? O ya that’s right! Well she seems like a nice persone so I still will visit her blog. But thank’s for telling me! I know now not to trade with her ever!

  3. webkinzrose1128

    😯 PRINCESSPEARL IS NICE BUT SHE IS A SCAMMER! She acts nice but is someone doesn’t do what she wants she scams them!

  4. webkinzcollecter

    Yikes! Well that means I will not trade with her!

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