New things in Webkinz World/ I got the retired black and white cheeky dog today!

Posted On July 29, 2008

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Ganz  has came up with making a fish webkinz with a under water room! I am going to get the fish. And other stuff!








Also I went to Justice just for girls today and they had all the retired webkinz were you can get no were else and I got the  black and white cheeky dog!   I named her  Cheekyington  I got a  exclusive green lava lamp with the pet eitem but I wish I got another exclusive. Well anyways my dad got it for me as a early Birthday present! I am soooo glad I have it.


The rules for my WEBKINZ blog

Posted On July 28, 2008

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Hi guys I love  to see comments on my blog but some times people say stuff that is not so good so here are my rules:

1. NO cussing or name calling or you will be banned forever

2. No talking about gross stuff or about private parts  on here or  you will be banned forever

3. NO  saying Gods name in vain or I will ban you for good so please respect God and Jesus

4. No saying rude comments like you’re mean, you’re site is dumb   or any of that or I will ban you  for good or for like two months

5. Be fair and do not ever scam or spam or I will ban you forever!

I would hate to ban any of you guys so please  fallow these rules because lately there have been some people  saying bad stuff.

A new contest for everyone!

Posted On July 22, 2008

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I know you will all love this contest. I am giving away a:  NEWTON”S  GIANT CRADLE, AND A  EMPEROR’S BED! All you have to do is send me atleast one super bed and then I will randomly pick the winner. If you do not win I will send you back you’re super bed. I  would love people to join this wounderful contest so please tell as many people as possible about this contest and that will actually give you more of a chance  to win!  Just put you’re user name bellow. My user name is  11horses   so please add me.  I need to have atleast 15 people enter  to anounce  the winner.  Well have fun everyone and remember if you don’t win  do not worry I will have many more contests.     Also  my Birthday is coming up in August 4th and I am having a slumber party and inviting three of my closest friends.  I  am excited about my Birthday but at the same time I don’t want to turn 13 years old because this is the last year I will be a kid. 

A new webkinz coming up and I am having a comment contest soon!

Posted On July 20, 2008

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Hi I just found out that there is a white horse webkinz coming up soon.   I hope I can buy it. Well keep a big eye out for it everyone.  Also I am going to have a really cool comment contest when I get enough exclusive and rare eitems I am willing to give away.  Also remember that picture I showed you of me?  Well please do not  get upset but that wasn’t  really me I just wanted to play a joke haha.  Well sorry if you are upset.  I am not alowed to show the real me on here but I will show you a picture of what I look alot like.  Just click on this and I look ALOT LOT  like the girl with brown hair. Click on  then on the top type in  vagonova ballet  and  it will be about ruussian ballet. Then scroll down and you will see photos now click on that and when you see the number of photos click on  number 5  and that is who I look alot like.


My dog is going to another home!

Posted On July 12, 2008

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My parents just had a awful family meeting with us kids and WE ARE GETTING RID OF ARE DOG!  I am in tears right now.  O my gosh! I can’t live without him!  This is a  very hard thing for me. I do not know what I am going to do with myself or family.  I am so upset at my parents because this hurts!  I love dogs and I am not going to get over it for a long time!  I am crying up a storm right now and after I write this post I am going to go up in my room and shut my door and not come out.  Do any of you have any encouraging things to say?  Well  I would love to hear  comments on here.

This is my dog! And the poem contest winner!

Posted On July 11, 2008

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This is a picture of my dog named   Bejiou. He is really cute. He is about five years old even though he still has that cute puppy look!  He is also very friendly!  He sometimes calm but other times he is wild.






And for the peom contest I had the winner is:   1kbuckeye!  Congradilations!  And  Lorin thankyou so much for entering the contest and please come back soon!  1kbuckeye if I am not on you’re list then please add me. I am 11horses  and here is the poem she wrote: 

        This is a site I go to, to hang out, this is a site that makes me forget all my troubles that life may face , Webkinzcollecter’s site is the coolest place!  Go here to relax, go here to have fun, and it is the best place to get out of the sun!  It’s updated alot, has cool prizes, This girl  she just rocks and no one she dispizes,  so please  go check out this wounderful sight just one glance of it, and you will know that I’m right!

And she won a: GRAND FATHER CLOCK!

This is very odd and dissapointing!

Posted On July 8, 2008

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These are webkinz that  Ganz decided not to make when they were about to make them. I wish they had made these webkinz.  They look pretty cool even though some of them look evil lol!

A new meaner! / post about you’re self here!

Posted On July 8, 2008

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If I may have everyone attention I need to tell you something.  Webkinzarebetterthanyou  has been saying  really bad cuss words on Haleys blog and my blog and other blogs. He tried to hide it and say that it was his SEVEN YEAR OLD SISTER who wrote all that  bad stuff.  I hate to say this but I am  pretty possitive he is not telling the truth!  He also edits people comments and makes them say bad stuff.  He is banned from my blog.  Because even though I frogive him I just can’t take a risk of him saying bad words because there are alot of little kids out there and  cuss words and  other stuff he said are very bad for  kids eyes especially little kids!   I wish he did not cuss because  we use to be friends and now he is totally inapropiat. Well watch out for him and  if you feel like this is needed ban him from you’re blogs and tell everyone this  upseting, suprizing,  helpful news!   And I also wanted to tell you that Webkinzarebetterthanyou  is Aysoff.  So that means he is one of the  Poor girls, Mean girls, and other names with mean on the end.

Also I wouls love to get to know more information about all the you bloggers so please feel free to post about you’re self here but just do not give out you’re phone number or any of that. But you CAN post you’re looks still.


Watch out and be safe,    Webkinzcollecter

Another contest!

Posted On July 8, 2008

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Guys I am having a really fun contest but  DO NOT FORGET MY OTHER CONTEST OR I WILL DELETE THIS POST!  One of my   younger brothers friends gave me another webkinz account. I already have three so I am giving the webkinz account away!  Now hear  is what I am going to do.  Whoever  gives me  the coolest superbed wines this!  This account has some really cool  eitems on it and the house is large.  All the people who do not win I will send you’re stuff back to you so do not worry!  Please guys tell as many people as you can about this contest and actually  telling people about it will give you a little more of a chance winning!  So just add me  gsc0976  also atleast  eleven people have to enter this contest befor I choose the winner.

Princesspearl’s blog and her

Posted On July 7, 2008

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Hi guys  there is someone called Princesspearl and noone has been on her blog for a while and  I think we should get more people on her blog.  Her blog is cool but I am not trying to be mean but when you post you should give her tips on  stuff she can post. She has not been on her blog for months now I think.  Her blog is called: please be thaughtful and get  alot more people on her blog!



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