Stuff in webkinz world!

Posted On June 27, 2008

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Ok I have alot of intresting stuff I found out!  This  is a recipie that I have been trying to find out how to make them but I have not found out the true recipie yet but I will sometime and post it on my webkinz recipies page!                 Second I found out that there is rumors that Ganz is making a blue pig webkinz  and these are all the webkinz they are making:          PS:  please go on   because it looks like none has been on her blog for like a howl year! So tell all you’re friends about her blog if you want to. And give her advice on  how she can make her blog better if you feel like it. No affence to princespearl but her blog does need to be updated.


7 Responses to “Stuff in webkinz world!”

  1. readerwriter18

    Cool! I’m probably gonna add Princesspearl’s blog to my blogroll, since you say she’s definately in need of some viewers….

    Anyway, come check out my blog–it’s about Webkinz, too! 🙂

    Thanks, and leave a comment on my site! 😉

  2. readerwriter18


    I’m sorry for shouting, but I don’t think she needs any more views…but she should update. 😦

  3. PuppyLuv6737

    Hey… WC ummm…. i dont know how to say this….. IM SORRY! I saw how you and BuckEye were getting along and i decided if you can forgive you then i can too! I hope we can be freinds like we were before this whole sdtupd fight started! I unbanned you so you can come back any time!

  4. God rocks!


  5. webkinzcollecter

    Ok thankyou for the apoligy and yes we can be friends again! By the way can you send me a prize to cover the one I was soppose to win? And at 4:10 TODAY I will be having a birthday party for Emily my webkinz on my sneakypoo account can you come?

  6. webkinzcollecter

    You can come to my blog any time too!

  7. webkinzcollecter

    We will be oon the pink zone and if you want to know more read it on my blog.

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