A new contest!

Posted On June 24, 2008

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Ok  very exciting news everyone I have a new blog  all about ballet and I am trying to get people on there and I need more people on here too. So whoever  gets the most people on will win: A counrty bed and  one mideval eitem and  I will give them three secret  recipies everyday for one howl year!!!  And don’t forget ALWAYS  keep track of how many people you bring on each time and tell me how many people you bring on. And my new blog  is called  www.balletdancingqueen.wordpress.com   please don’t forget about that blog too because that one needs people on too.



8 Responses to “A new contest!”

  1. webkinzcollecter

    What did wordpress say? And actually many people care about my problmes!And ballet is awesome! I did not report you to word press because I was trying to be nice but now I guess I will have to!

  2. God rocks!

    You know what puppyluv6737 you just be quit now or else if you dont I’m banning you I know how to do this now but just be quit and stop talking jesus will punish you because he does not like when you say that.

  3. God rocks!

    That’s it.!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please be quiet!

  4. God rocks!

    now go away!!! you are an 😈 little baby.

  5. webkinzcollecter

    You are right God rocks! But try to keep the comments a tiny bit nicer. But thank’s for saying that she really needs to go away.

  6. prodancer

    guys if you want her to stop be nicer. gosh. do you know how to solve any problems?Puppyluv, if she won a contest she has the right to get her gift. Now you might think ballet is stupid but she loves it. Its her right to talk about whatever she wants. Bye!

  7. webkinzcollecter

    I was being nice Prodancer.

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