I’m so sorry for this canceld party everyone!

Posted On June 21, 2008

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Guys I found out that today I am too busy to have Emilys birthday party. And I need to get more people  to come to my party. So I am not having the party until this Saturday. Please tell as many people as you can about Emilys party. Here is the info about the party:

When: this Saturday  at 5:00 P.m  to 5:45 P.m

What zone: pink

Why I am having the party: I am celebrating my webkinz Emily’s  birthday!


My user name: sneakypoo


More info: When you get to my house we will first be in my  back yard and I have 6 tramplines, a pool , a golf cart and more. Then at  5:11   we will all  go to the party room were there is super fun games!  then at 5: 28  we will go to Emilys room  then at 5: 40  everyone can go were they want in my house  until I send you home at 5: 45 P.m.  My webkinz Emily will be the dalmation  and when you see her leave the room follow her  and please stay were everyone is. After the part I will send everyone  two  really cool gifts in the kinz mail.  If you’re  coming tell me and if you have a friend that is coming tell me because I need to know how many goody bags to get. Emily  loves having people over at her house and she is very friendly. You can bring presents if you want to and she is not  very picky about gifts. She loves kinz style clothes, exclusive eitems and more.




20 Responses to “I’m so sorry for this canceld party everyone!”

  1. God rocks!

    im coming! make it today!

  2. webkinzcollecter

    O God rocks you’re back I’m soo glad to have you!

  3. webkinzcollecter

    God rocks just tell me you’re user name and I will add you and you can come over! I’m sorry but I can’t have the actual party today but you and me can have a small party and you can come to the big party next week. Will that work for you?

  4. God rocks!

    what time?

  5. webkinzcollecter

    Hi I’m back! How about now if you are on. Just tell me you’re user name. Mine is sneakypoo add me.

  6. webkinzcollecter

    What I never called you stupid! And I thought you new that I was nice. Well I did not say that stuff and what proof do you have that I am Mean girl? Sorry if I sounded rood. And alot of people were Mean girl not me. Puppyluv please listen to me you were my friend.

  7. PuppyLuv6737

    I was never youre friend i just sometimes pretend to be peoples friend so haha! The only proof i need is that your NOT mean girl! well i need to admitte only once i was mean girl. but noone will ever find out because noone likes you so haha!

  8. webkinzcollecter

    And you spelled stuff wrong to on my blog FYI!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Billy


  10. webkinzcollecter

    My user name is sneakypoo are you coming? And please tell alot of people about my party Billy.

  11. webkinzcollecter

    Puppyluv I am also telling wordpress that you said that stuff too!

  12. megan101

    im coming, im Muffle136. and please everyone, cann we just forget mean girl, no one likes her and we all know that, so whoever it is, just stop and can we please get back on the topic of webkinz.! i mean first “mean girl” invaded pennys site, and now this too???!!!

  13. God rocks!

    i dont have zone pink!!! only orange

  14. God rocks!

    im coming im lenny

  15. God rocks!

    im coming im lenny ok???? pleasse look atthese comments

  16. God rocks!

    im gonna actully come in blacky maybe!!

  17. webkinzcollecter

    Go on the light green zone right now the party is starting!

  18. megan101

    im so so so so so so sorry i didnt come! there was a storm and my power went out!

  19. webkinzcollecter

    It is ok. Don’t feel bad. Actually noone came for some reasone.

  20. God rocks!

    webkinzcollecter im gonna make you a friend can i come over your house or mine you choose????? My username is: brusx18 bye!!! zone green

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