Mars candy kills animals!

Posted On June 18, 2008

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Guys OMG!!!!!! I just found out  that the people that make the candy  m m’s, skittles, milyway, starburst, twix, three musketeers,  dove, snickers, butter finger, reeses  the mars brand that makes them kill animals and do cruel stuff like experiement on them and more! I can’t beleave those people. How could they do that! Don’t buy there candy and I am never going to eat  there candy again. And you know what even makes me more annoyed? SOME PEOPLE DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT IT AND THEY SAY THAT IT IS GOOD TO TEST ON ANIMALS JUST TO SAVE STUPID PEOPLE NOW HOW SELFISH IS THAT!  Sorry I was just really mad so please exuse me for being rood. Well visit the site:   they kill unnies, cats, monkeys, dogs, and much more. By the way 1kbuckeye found this out first so praise her and thank her! I am so glad that she found this out.



18 Responses to “Mars candy kills animals!”

  1. 1kbuckeye9

    hey you got that from me! Can you give me credit? Also it’s just saying!

  2. webkinzcollecter

    Ok sorry Hailey! I will give you the credit! Thank’s for posting it because it is very helpful info!

  3. God rocks!

    its a lie webkinzcollecter a stupid lie i know that because my uncle works for that place so stop telling the lies! Stop or i will think you are all those girls like mean girl! straighten up please
    😦 sorry as great as you are !!!!!! God rocks!

  4. 1kbuckeye9

    no it’s not a lie cuz there is a vidio!

  5. God rocks!

    doesn’t matter they are just trying to run them out of buisness

  6. God rocks!

    go to my site and win the comment contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  7. webkinzcollecter

    God rocks I’m sorry that it bothers you. I am not Mean girl or any of them for one though but I will try to delete it.

  8. webkinzcollecter

    It’s not me who said it first it is 1kbuckeye. Sorry 1kbuckeye I’m not trying to get you on trouble.

  9. God rocks!

    ooooooooooooooohhhhhhh! but i know i affended.

  10. webkinzcollecter

    Ok I apoligize God rocks!

  11. webkinzcollecter

    I deffidently do not like upseting visiters on my blog.

  12. God rocks!

    im leaving to well this time i really am leaving im going to new mexico and leaving forever except for webkinz im not allowed on blogs anymore. Never!!my mom said! so i am sorry and very sorry love your site bye webkinzcollecter! God rocks

  13. webkinzcollecter

    Why are you not allowed on? Is my blog inapropiet?

  14. 1kbuckeye9

    no i am not trying to run them out of bisiness! They are stuffing little monkeys into tubes where they can’t hardly breathe or can’t even move! How would you like people to do that to you? Just because they are animals doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings or lives ya know! Jeez!

  15. webkinzcollecter

    Ya Hailey you are 200 percent right! Just because people can talk doesn’t mean that we are more important. Animals are at least as important as we are!

  16. 1kbuckeye9

    yeah! I mean they have feelings! It just drives me crazy!!!!!!!!! Sorry, sorry, be calm Hayley! Well, if u ask me, animals are a lot cuter, funnier, more athletic, and sometimes even smarter! They are the thing that i like most about this world we have! And they deserve to be treated better!!!

  17. webkinzcollecter

    You go 1kbuckeye! You are right animals are just as importand.

  18. webkinzcollecter

    Ya they even save peoples lives and what do we do to them? STUPID PEOPLE KILL THEM , ABUSE THEM AND WE HAVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING GOOD TO THEM! Well some people do.

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