Stuff in webkinz world!

Posted On June 27, 2008

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Ok I have alot of intresting stuff I found out!  This  is a recipie that I have been trying to find out how to make them but I have not found out the true recipie yet but I will sometime and post it on my webkinz recipies page!                 Second I found out that there is rumors that Ganz is making a blue pig webkinz  and these are all the webkinz they are making:          PS:  please go on   because it looks like none has been on her blog for like a howl year! So tell all you’re friends about her blog if you want to. And give her advice on  how she can make her blog better if you feel like it. No affence to princespearl but her blog does need to be updated.


A new contest!

Posted On June 24, 2008

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Ok  very exciting news everyone I have a new blog  all about ballet and I am trying to get people on there and I need more people on here too. So whoever  gets the most people on will win: A counrty bed and  one mideval eitem and  I will give them three secret  recipies everyday for one howl year!!!  And don’t forget ALWAYS  keep track of how many people you bring on each time and tell me how many people you bring on. And my new blog  is called   please don’t forget about that blog too because that one needs people on too.



I’m so sorry for this canceld party everyone!

Posted On June 21, 2008

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Guys I found out that today I am too busy to have Emilys birthday party. And I need to get more people  to come to my party. So I am not having the party until this Saturday. Please tell as many people as you can about Emilys party. Here is the info about the party:

When: this Saturday  at 5:00 P.m  to 5:45 P.m

What zone: pink

Why I am having the party: I am celebrating my webkinz Emily’s  birthday!


My user name: sneakypoo


More info: When you get to my house we will first be in my  back yard and I have 6 tramplines, a pool , a golf cart and more. Then at  5:11   we will all  go to the party room were there is super fun games!  then at 5: 28  we will go to Emilys room  then at 5: 40  everyone can go were they want in my house  until I send you home at 5: 45 P.m.  My webkinz Emily will be the dalmation  and when you see her leave the room follow her  and please stay were everyone is. After the part I will send everyone  two  really cool gifts in the kinz mail.  If you’re  coming tell me and if you have a friend that is coming tell me because I need to know how many goody bags to get. Emily  loves having people over at her house and she is very friendly. You can bring presents if you want to and she is not  very picky about gifts. She loves kinz style clothes, exclusive eitems and more.



Mars candy kills animals!

Posted On June 18, 2008

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Guys OMG!!!!!! I just found out  that the people that make the candy  m m’s, skittles, milyway, starburst, twix, three musketeers,  dove, snickers, butter finger, reeses  the mars brand that makes them kill animals and do cruel stuff like experiement on them and more! I can’t beleave those people. How could they do that! Don’t buy there candy and I am never going to eat  there candy again. And you know what even makes me more annoyed? SOME PEOPLE DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT IT AND THEY SAY THAT IT IS GOOD TO TEST ON ANIMALS JUST TO SAVE STUPID PEOPLE NOW HOW SELFISH IS THAT!  Sorry I was just really mad so please exuse me for being rood. Well visit the site:   they kill unnies, cats, monkeys, dogs, and much more. By the way 1kbuckeye found this out first so praise her and thank her! I am so glad that she found this out.



Something I need to tell you guys

Posted On June 8, 2008

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Guys  lately I have been only exersizing two hours everyday and that is not enough. I also need to loose weight so I will not be on here as much. And I apoligize about not posting for the party I will when I  get to it. By the way how much do you think I should loose?


I’m: 5 foot 6 inches


My  weight:I can’t say  it’s 100 something but less then 120


I am either going to weigh 50 pounds or 60 pounds  witch should I choose?

New stuff!

Posted On June 4, 2008

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OK this year there is going to be a new bat webkinz for Halloween! I wounder if they will retire the black cat? Well if so I already have it. Also  take a look at this:  What kind of care bear looks like this? Care bears are soppose to be  nice and colorful. But I’m not saying I like them at all! By the way I have this new blog called  please check it out!