The winner of the My blog contest!

Posted On May 8, 2008

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Attention everyone, The winner of the My blog post is……. Nikimapitas!  You wone the Daredevil bed, Tresure chest, and raining window.  I already sent  all of the stuff to you.  Guys don’t give up hope yet you all were a huge help and I can’t thankyou enough so stay here for alot more give away’s! And Penny is having a super bed contest so go on her blog. And from now   on all my contest will be on my  contest page.




13 Responses to “The winner of the My blog contest!”

  1. God rocks!

    Hi webkinzcollecter I havent got to talk to you in a while :(Please answer soon!(as much as a lizard loves me)God rocks!

  2. webkinzcollecter

    O hi!

  3. God rocks!

    Hiiiiiiiiii!I missed you so much!This is at 3:43 pm.(As much as I love your site).God rocks!

  4. webkinzcollecter

    Hi I was practicing ballet sorry I wasn’t on right away!

  5. God rocks!

    Oh lets talk

  6. webkinzcollecter

    So how was school?

  7. God rocks!

    How was yours?

  8. webkinzcollecter

    Ok I hate math. It’s my hardest subject.

  9. God rocks!

    Oh so do I doesn’t it stink?

  10. SarahEOlson

    Love math 🙂 😆

  11. nikimapita

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This is awesome!!! 🙂

  12. webkinzcollecter

    Your welcome! I love giving things to people.

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