I got the Hottub yesterday!

Posted On April 19, 2008

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I got the hot tub yesterday  on my 11horses  account  come visit my house soon everyone.




5 Responses to “I got the Hottub yesterday!”

  1. Jennifer

    Emily and I have been trying to get the hot tub but can’t ever find it. How did you get it? In the Curio Shop?

  2. webkinzcollecter

    I got it from a friend. But it is rarely in the curio shop.


  3. ashwebkinz

    Omg soo cool ! I really want a hot tub!

  4. ashwebkinz

    hey i was wondering if anyone wanted to ocme to my site it is ashwebkinz1.wordpress.com i am having a comment contest and i am brand new

  5. megan101

    Come to my site called http://www.megan101webkinz.wordpress.com Im having a contest too:D

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