This food is solved!

Posted On April 5, 2008

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This is a very tasty food so  just put first candyapple then pickles and last  a orange in your’e oven.


5 Responses to “This food is solved!”

  1. SarahEOlson

    Webkinzcollecter-please do not advertise on my blog! this is just a friendly warning but please don’t do it again! Thanks!
    ~SarahEOlson (

  2. SarahEOlson

    I might have to ban you sorry!!!!

  3. SarahEOlson

    Ohhhhhhh it’s ok !!! sorry I was so harsh!!!

  4. SarahEOlson

    just please don’t do it again!!!

  5. SarahEOlson

    Please don’t because I will ban you if you do!

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