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Posted On April 3, 2008

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I have noticed that I never get any  people on my blog and I would love to have alot of visiters.  I would like it if all of you tell as many people as you can about my blog and post it on your sites if you can. who ever gets the most people on this blog will get a :  Dare devil super bed  and a Raining window, and a Tresure chest.  Pleas help me get more people on here. When you get people on here tell me right away how many people you brought on here so I can count it up. Also if someone told you about it tell me who it was. My user names are  11horses,sneakypoo, and gsc0976.



5 Responses to “My blog”

  1. Jake
    I commented here to get people to come here.

  2. webkinzfan123

    Jake you on?

  3. webkinzfan123

    Guess not. And I’ll come here every day!

  4. webkinzcollecter

    Jake how many people did you get on? Everyone needs to tell me the number of people they got on here so I can see who wone.


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